Andre Iguodala Trade Rumors: Has Sixers' Surge Killed Iggy's Trade Chances?

Ray BoydContributor IDecember 23, 2010

ORLANDO, FL - DECEMBER 18:  Andre Iguodala #9 of the Philadelphia 76ers attempts a shot against Dwight Howard #12 of the Orlando Magic during the game at Amway Arena on December 18, 2010 in Orlando, Florida.  NOTE TO USER: User expressly acknowledges and agrees that, by downloading and or using this Photograph, user is consenting to the terms and conditions of the Getty Images License Agreement.  (Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images)
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The early part of the season for the Sixers has been mired with calls for the trading of franchise player Andre Iguodala.

Many people have cited the fact that his overall production does not correlate with his paycheck, and thus the team should look to deal him. Others have said that he is not now and never will be a number one option, and thus should go to a team with a solid number one already in place.

All of these points are indeed valid and for some time this season it seemed all but a formality that he would be dealt. However, things have drastically quieted down on the "trade Iguodala" front.

This apparent halt in trade talk could be connected to the fact that the Sixers are playing a much better brand of basketball.

It is only natural to call for trades when the team is losing, but once a few wins start popping up, making a trade does not seem so necessary.

The Sixers have been playing a much better brand of basketball under Collins than they did last year, but now it is producing some wins and that is causing the Iguodala trade chatter to go down. Other teams know that if the Sixers are winning games, it will be much more costly to acquire Iguodala because the Sixers will not be so pressed to deal him.

Iguodala has indeed played a role in why the trade chatter has gone down.

He has played steady basketball since the Sixers started turning things around. He is showing why he is one of the most well rounded players in the NBA, due to his ability to contribute points, assists, rebounds and steals.

The Sixers have also found a starting 2 in Jodie Meeks, who can play off of Iguodala and allow Iguodala to play his natural small forward position.

In addition to the Sixers' resurgence, another reason why Iguodala trade talk has certainly decreased is because he has not pined for a trade. Iguodala has not asked to be dealt and has been clear about the fact that he wants to win and wants to be a Sixer.

Although he does not have the same level of talent, this is undoubtedly the mindset that Cleveland fans wanted LeBron James to have.

Iguodala knows that for better or worse, the Sixers are his team and it bothers him that they have not won consistently since he was handed the reins from the last A.I. It is only an opinion based on observation, but I think Iguodala is dead set on finishing what he has started in Philadelphia, and as long as that is his mindset, trade talk will not get out of hand.

Another major factor in the Iguodala rumors dying down has been the issue of Iguodala's successor, Evan Turner. Turner has clearly struggled as of late and, with his minutes dwindling nightly, there is no way to tell if he is ready to step in for Iguodala if he is dealt.

Turner's struggle has certainly made the organization hesitant to pull the trigger on an Iguodala deal and that hesitation definitely increases Iguodala's chances of staying put.

So the bottom line is that a recent string of good play has indeed killed a lot of the Iguodala trade rumors, but let's not forget that it is only December. There is still a lot of time before the February trade deadline and if the Sixers are still a sub-.500 team and get the right offer, Iguodala could certainly be dealt.

There are a number of teams that will certainly be interested in Iguodala's skill set, just like there were last February. But for now, all seems to be quiet on the Iguodala trade front and if the Sixers continue to improve, it will most likely stay that way.