Carmelo Anthony Trade Rumors: 10 Best Deals After Arenas and Carter Moves

Kip ReisererCorrespondent IDecember 20, 2010

Carmelo Anthony Trade Rumors: 10 Best Deals After Arenas and Carter Moves

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    LeBron.  Bosh.  Boozer.  Arenas.

    It has been a busy six months for NBA trades and moves.

    This past weekend NBA fans saw the troubled Gilbert Arenas move to Orlando in the latest blockbuster trade.

    Up next?

    Carmleo Anthony.

    Let's look at where he could end up and the odds of that happening in each scenario.  

10. Los Angeles Lakers

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    The Lakers just traded Sasha Vujacic which freed up $5.4 million in salary cap space and can look to deal away Andrew Bynum in a trade.

    Bynum is a talented young player but has been injury-prone early in his career.

    ‘Melo and Kobe are close friends, playing together on the 2008 Olympic team.  No doubt that Kobe could make a case for wanting Anthony to come to L.A.

    But as much as Los Angeles might want to try and aquire Carmelo, think about it.  There is no way Denver is going to trade him to the best team in the West.  No way.

    Odds: 250:1

9. Minnesota Timberwolves

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    The Minnesota Timberwolves have expressed interest in ‘Melo, and they seem to fancy themselves as smarter-than-the-average bear “wheeler-dealers.’’ But they really don’t have much to offer.

    We mean that in terms of assets as well as in terms of the Minnesota “scene.’’ … where the entire country now assumes Minnesota roofs frequently cave in from excess snowfall.

    But no matter what the Timberwolves give away, the end result will be the same.

     Carmelo says now that yes, maybe he’ll sign an extension with whatever his new team is?

    He must not have meant Minnesota.

    Odds: 200:1

8. Sacramento Kings

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    There was a time when the Maloof Bros. could’ve been considered players in any deal like this. But finances are not what they were, and the Kings’ coffers are empty in other areas, too.

    Sacramento has a rotation full of kids, but beyond big point guard Tyreke Evans, the kids are not yet coveted commodities.

    Odds: 200: 1

7. Charlotte Bobcats

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    Charlotte is Basketball Country. The Bobcats are making it known they are willing to move Stephen Jackson or Gerald Wallace, both wingmen with star quality. And the man in charge of the Bobcats is Michael Jordan … and who says “no’’ to MJ?

    In theory, the Bobcats could acquire ‘Melo, increase their season-ticket base, increase their chances of postseason success … and then gain cap room when he likely departs following the season.

    Hey, it’s a theory!

    Odds: 150:1

6. Denver Nuggets

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    This would be the happiest solution for the league … for the Nuggets new youthful management team … and for the fans of Denver.

    But obviously not for Carmelo himself – otherwise he would’ve simply signed Denver’s max-extension of three years and $65 million last summer.

    After creating a stir in the summer, Anthony has spent this season trying to say the right things … and certainly doing most of the right things on the floor.

    The problem here? Once you “contemplate’’ a divorce, it usually means you aren’t committed to the marriage.

    Odds: 100:1 

5. Houston Rockets

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    “Desperation’’ is the wrong word. Let’s call it “hunger.’’

    The Rockets keep spinning their wheels in terms of talent acquisition – they picked up Kevin Martin last year but are being invited to consider trading him this year – and that factor, combined with the possible end of Yao Ming’s career, puts Houston in limbo.

    The Rockets have a reputation for creative thinking, and they would have to be creative here.

    At this moment, it seems that their focus continues to be “foundation-building’’ rather than superstar-acquiring, as they have been linked with interest in Marcin Gortat (who just shuffled from Orlando to Phoenix) and Brendan Haywood (Dallas’ underachieving backup center).

    Odds: 100:1

4. Chicago Bulls

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    The Bulls were hoping to be players in the LeBron Sweepstakes last summer. They eventually acquired Carlos Boozer to go along with Derrick Rose. But they need more.

    Joakim Noah’s hand injury (he’s out for two months) means the Bulls need to find a way to stay afloat now. Chicago doesn’t have the assets to match offers from the likes of New Jersey. But Chicago is a big-market team (‘Melo’s wife LaLa, an entertainer, is attracted to that factor)

    Odds: 50:1

3. Dallas Mavericks

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    Dirk Nowitzki has been the face of the Mavericks for over 10 years.  Batman needs a Robin. 

    Although the Mavericks have been able to put solid players around Dirk like Jason Kidd, Caron Butler, Brendan Haywood and Tyson Chandler, Carmelo is the perfect match. 

    Dallas may be at a disadvantage considering the bad blood between the two teams in the past couple of seasons. 

    That said, Dallas could put together some stellar trade packages with the depth it currently has.

    In return, Denver wouldn’t get the young talent it would by trading for first-round picks with other teams.  But the Nuggets wouldn’t find themselves with such of a setback, either.  The Nuggets could still be a contender in the West if they can find a deal that gives them a few instant starters. 

    Odds: 15:1

2. New Jersey Nets

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    Are the New Jersey Nets really a team that could land Carmelo?  Absolutely.  Reports are circling that the franchise wants to move to Brooklyn, a move that would make for a nice marriage with Carmelo Anthony. 

    The Nets also have a fresh bushel of first-round picks they can include in the trade.  With the way New Jersey is playing, those picks can look mighty appealing. 

    With the possibility of New Jersey sending two of those picks plus say, Derrick Favors, next year Denver is back with two young studs to start rebuilding the franchise around someone else.

    Odds: 5:1

1. New York Knicks

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    Everyone knows that the Knicks have been eyeing Carmelo since last summer.  Ever since LeBron gave New York the cold shoulder the focus has been getting a “Big Three” in New York.  If they really wanted a Big Three, the dream combination would be Stoudamire, ‘Melo and Chris Paul. 

    Unfortunately for the Knicks, it seems as if the Hornets are getting the ball rolling down in New Orleans and CP3 has been rather quiet about wanting to move lately.

    Once upon a time, ‘Melo supposedly made it known to the Nuggets that he will not sign a contract extension with any team, if he is traded, unless that team is the Knicks.  So why would anyone trade away so much if it’s not promised that he will be there for years to come?

    Carmelo is a Brooklyn native and will be on one of the biggest stages in sports at MSG 41 games every year.

    Odds: 3:1