Gilbert Arenas vs. Vince Carter: Which Troubled Star Helps New Team More?

Bailey Brautigan@BBrautiganFeatured ColumnistDecember 19, 2010

Gilbert Arenas vs. Vince Carter: Which Troubled Star Helps New Team More?

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    Gilbert Arenas vs. Vince Carter: Which Troubled Star Helps New Team More?

    Today has been a huge day for NBA trades!

    First, the Orlando Magic traded shooting guard Vince Carter to the Phoenix Suns in order to bring forward Hedo Turkoglu back to Orlando.

    And then the Magic sent forward Rashard Lewis to the Washington Wizards in exchange for the ever-entertaining point guard Gilbert Arenas.

    So many teams in the NBA have been making all kinds of big moves, but which of these teams got the better deal in this trade?

    Which veteran player will help his new team more?

    Read on to find out...

5. Health: Gilbert Arenas

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    Gilbert Arenas isn't exactly a poster-boy for impeccable health as he has battled knee and ankle injuries throughout his career.

    Back in October of 2008, Arenas underwent surgery on his left knee and ended up missing 73 games.

    This season, it is his right ankle that has been bothering him, but this injury is nowhere near as serious.

    Even though the 28-year-old appears to be relatively healthy for the time being, his ankle could be a major liability in the future.

5. Health: Vince Carter

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    Vince Carter has also been prone to injury throughout his career, but his ailments usually only keep him out for a few games at a time.

    However, his age could become an issue in the future as ankle and knee sprains start to slow him down.


    Who is the Better Option: Vince Carter

4. Salary: Gilbert Arenas

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    Gilbert Arenas stands to make around $17.7 million this year, and that number will increase gradually to $22.3 million in 2014.

    This makes Arenas the ninth highest-paid player in the NBA, but the Orlando Magic were able to unload Rashard Lewis' pricey contract (Lewis is the second highest-paid player in the league).

4. Salary: Vince Carter

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    Vince Carter is the 11th highest-paid player in the league, and he stands to make around $17.3 million this season.

    But his contract will expire after the 2011-2012 season, giving the Suns a whole bunch of money to play around with.


    Which Player is the Better Deal: Vince Carter

3. Attitude: Gilbert Arenas

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    Gilbert Arenas certainly isn't boring with his on and off-court antics.

    During the preseason, Arenas admitted to faking an injury, and let's not forget about the locker room incident which left the guard suspended for the better part of last season.

    He has expressed his frustrations about the Washington Wizards' attempts to phase him out, but not many players would be too happy about watching a rookie like John Wall "dougie" his way into the leadership role.

    Arenas has always been very vocal with his opinions, and even though there is nothing wrong with NBA stars having larger-than-life personalities, a balance between attitude and talent must be found.

3. Attitude: Vince Carter

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    Carter has developed a reputation as a sort of "me first" player, and that kind of attitude only works in this league if your name is Kobe Bryant.

    But this past year with the Magic may have humbled the aging star. Even though he may not be the scoring threat that he once was, he does seem to have a much better outlook on the game.

    He worked wonders while he was playing alongside Jason Kidd, and he just might fit perfectly with another great point guard in Steve Nash.


    Better Attitude: Gilbert Arenas

2. Leadership: Gilbert Arenas

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    As mentioned in a previous slide, Gilbert Arenas lost control of "his" team after his suspension and the addition of rookie John Wall.

    The good news is that this move to Orlando will put Arenas back into a leadership role, and he should thrive under a new kind of spotlight.

2. Leadership: Vince Carter

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    With Steve Nash already in place, Vince Carter doesn't necessarily need to assume a leadership position with the Suns, but there is something to be said for experience.

    And Carter has plenty of it.


    Best Leader: Gilbert Arenas

1. Scoring Asset: Gilbert Arenas

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    Leadership and attitude are great attributes for an NBA star to exhibit...

    But they don't mean anything if the guy can't score.

    Gilbert Arenas may have taken a backseat to John Wall, but he certainly hasn't lost his touch. Arenas averages about 17 points and about six assists per game, and even though his numbers have been dropping in recent years, a new venue may be just what the doctor ordered for this point guard.

1. Scoring Asset: Vince Carter

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    Vince Carter may not be the offensive beast that he once was, but he too has some gas left in his tank.

    He averages about 15 points and three assists per game, and again, these stats are down from seasons he had in the past.

    But a change of scenery could help to revive this veteran.


    Better Scoring Asset: Gilbert Arenas

Better Overall Asset

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    Both of these players have the potential to really help their new teams, but the Orlando Magic definitely got a better player in Gilbert Arenas.

    As long as he can keep his attitude in check, Arenas should take this Orlando team to a different level.