Power Ranking the Top 10 NBA Sneakers of 2010

Ross ColemanAnalyst IDecember 17, 2010

Power Ranking the Top 10 NBA Sneakers of 2010

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    With a lot of interesting sneakers coming out in 2010, it's time to rank the 10 best.

    Adidas and Nike are sure to make the list seeing as how they have owned the market for years. But what about Under Armour? Now that it is making shoes, how do they stack up? Will the new Chinese imports, the Li-Ning F2s, make the cut? What about Gilbert Arenas' Dolce and Gabbana kicks?

    Read ahead and let us know which shoes you like the best.

10. Dolce and Gabbana High Top Sneakers

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    Worn By: Gilbert Arenas

    Since he was dropped by Adidas last season, Arenas has been wearing whatever shoes he feels like. That led Gilbert to make news on Dec. 7 when he wore high fashion shoes against the Lakers.

    As much as I hate to say it, the shoes aren't that bad. I mean they look a little more like a skate shoe than a basketball shoe, but they aren't terrible.

9. Nike Zoom Kobe VI

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    Worn By: Kobe Bryant

    Kobe's latest signature shoe is probably the most bizarre since he shifted from Adidas to Nike, but this is what I expect from a signature shoe.

    Instead of just putting someone's name and logo on a show, these ones are made to mirror Kobe's Black Mamba persona.

    Not a bad idea, even if the shoes are a little goofy. At least they are pro basketball shoes, not fashion shoes.

8. Li-Ning F2

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    Worn By: Evan Turner

    Li-Ning is a powerhouse shoe company in China. They have been planning to invade the US market for quite a while but now that they are here, can they make a legitimate dent in the market owned by Adidas and Nike?

    Evan Turner, Baron Davis and a few other NBA players have signed shoe deals with the Chinese company.

    The F2 is the best looking shoe out of the lineup to me. It looks like something designed by Nike, but it does have a few textural things that I am not too high on.

    I'll be interested to see how the Li-Ning shoes evolve, but it's a good first NBA shoe.

7. Nike Zoom Hyperfuse

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    Worn By: Rajon Rondo

    The Hyperfuse is a typical Nike shoe. Nothing too special about it, but it looks clean.

    The ones worn by Rajon Rondo look almost like the Nate Robinson Kryptonite shoes he wore during the NBA Dunk Contest a few years back.

6. Adidas TS Beast

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    Worn By: Dwight Howard

    The Adidas line this year has really looked good.

    However, this shoe just looks a little busy to me. Nike is all about clean lines and functionality; Adidas seems to be a little more cluttered.

5. Lebron Air Max 8

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    Worn By: Lebron James

    This shoe looks like something that Michael Jordan would have worn back in 90s and seeing as all of those mid-90s shoes are still selling like crazy, that is high praise.

    The shoe does look a little bulky, but I would imagine that is for Lebron's foot; I might just be naive.

    I'm not in love with these ones, but I am always a fan of Air Max shoes.

4. Adidas Adizero Infiltrate

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    Worn By: Josh Smith

    I like these ones more than the Dwight Howard shoes. It has a nice line and isn't as cluttered as the other one.

    It might be because the three lines aren't solid, but whatever it is, this shoe is pretty clean for an Adidas shoe.

3. Jordan Melo M7

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    Worn By: Carmelo Anthony

    You can't go wrong with a Jordan Brand shoe. While it isn't quite as good as if it were a shoe for MJ himself, it is a really nice-looking shoe.

    It's got great colors, but I am really interested to see how they change it when Melo gets traded.

2. Adidas TS Heat Check

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    Worn By: Derrick Rose, Michael Beasley

    Rose and Beasley have been fantastic players this year and as someone wise once said, "It's the shoes."

    These are the sickest of the Adidas shoes out this year. If you replaced the three stripes with a swoosh everyone would think they were a typical Nike shoe.

    With so many other shoe companies stepping up this year, Adidas probably did as well as anyone with their line this year.

1. Under Armour Black Ice

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    Worn By: Brandon Jennings

    Wow. Well done, Under Armour. These are some of the nicest-looking basketball shoes I have seen in a while.

    They look like a mix between a pair of T-Macs and some classic Jordans. Plus there is a lot of possibilities as far as color pallets for holidays or to match the uniform colors.

    Bravo, Under Armour. Bravo.