Kobe Bryant vs. Michael Jordan: Season By Season Rebounds

Ike MontalboCorrespondent IJanuary 10, 2017

Kobe Bryant vs. Michael Jordan: Season By Season Rebounds

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    In this installment of Kobe vs Mike I compare two of the best rebounding guards ever. Maybe it was their size - MJ 6'5" KB 6'6" - or strength or determination...but they rebounded; which I cannot say for Reggie Miller or Ray Allen. Ray and Reggie were shooters who basically just shot - 

    These two took it to another level at all-around play, when compared to most other SG's. Let us not forget Clyde Drexler was WAS an all-around great. 

    It helped that Jordan jumped so high and it helped that Kobe weighs probably 216 or so. Mj weighed 198 as a rookie - let us compare their rebounding season by season

Rookie Year

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    MJ's Rookie Season could have been an MVP season, if it wasn't for Larry Bird. Jordan showed the world what they had not seen in a long time: a dominant rookie

    MJ scored 28.2 pts and dished off for 5.9 assists, added 2.4 steals, 0.8 blocks and an amazing 6.5 rebounds per game.

    Kobe averaged 7.6 pts and 1.9 assists as a rookie.

    Advantage: MJ

2nd Season

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    MJ played 18 games and played only 25 minutes a night. He scored 22.7 pts and 3.6 rebs.

    KB averaged more minutes at 26.0 and scored 15.4 ppg and 3.1 rebs.

    Because he averaged less minutes and yet more rebounds and he scored 63 in the playoffs....

    Advantage: MJ 

3rd Season

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    MJ averaged 37.1 points and grabbed 5.2 rebounds a night.

    KB averaged 19.9 points and grabbed 5.3 rebs per game.

    Advantage: KB

4th Season

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    NBA MVP Michael Jordan was defensive player of the year too- and he led the NBA in scoring and he added 5.5 rebounds per game.

    Kobe averaged 22.5 pts and 6.3 rebounds per game.

    Advantage: KB

5th Season

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    Jordan almost averaged a triple double, including 3.2 steals 8.0 assists and 32.5 points but maybe most amazing of all the 6'5" Jordan averaged 8.0 rebs. WOWSERS!!! Dude was unstoppable.

    KB averaged 5.9 rebs per game. 

    Advantage: MJ

6th Season

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    MJ averaged an amazing 33.6 pts and 6.9 rebounds per game. Outlandish!

    KB scored 25.2 points and added 5.5 rebounds. 

    Advantage: MJ

7th Season

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    Kb averaged a career high 6.9 rebounds.

    MJ averaged 6.0 rebounds. 

    Advantage: KB

8th Season

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    KB averaged 5.5 rebounds and 24.0 points on 44% shooting. The Lakers lost in the Finals for the first time with Mr. Clutch - Kobe - oh...wait...they lost in the Finals with Kobe - that's not clutch.

    MJ won his second of six finals MVP's after grabbing 6.4 rebounds per game and adding 30.1 points on 52% shooting from the field.

    Advantage: MJ 

9th Season

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    5.9 rebounds and 27.6 points per game for Kobe, and no playoffs without Shaq. No playoffs without Shaq. No playoffs without Shaq. No....you get the point.

    MJ averaged 6.7 rebounds per game and scored 32.6 ppg too, on his way to a third straight Finals MVP award.

    Advantage: MJ

10th Season

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    Kb averaged 5.3 rebounds to go with his 81 point game-against the Raptors..awesome...well....sorta...against the team with the worst record Raptors.

    "I'm back" he said, and it set the basketball world on fire. MJ grabbed 6.9 rebounds in a strong comeback.

    Advantage: MJ 

11th Season

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    In the greatest season of all-time, the greatest player of all-time was MVP again in the season and in the finals. The 33 year old averaged an awesome 6.6 rebounds and 30.4 points.

    KB averaged 5.7 rebounds.

    Advantage: MJ

12th Season

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    MJ was 34 yet he still led the league in scoring for the NINTH time and he added 5.9 rebounds per game too!

    Kb and the Lakers lost AGAIN in the Finals - wow - KB averaged 6.3 rebounds per game though. 

    Advantage: KB

13th Season

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    MJ an amazing 5.8 rebounds per game at age 35. He also led the NBA in scoring for the TENTH time and he was NBA MVP again (5th time!) and Finals MVP for the sixth time. He never lost in the finals = GOAT.

    KB averaged 5.4 rebounds at age 29. Yawn.

    Advantage: MJ

14th Season

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    Four years after Mj retired after six for six rings with six MVP's - he came back and at age 39 he led the Wizards in scoring with 22.9 points - he also added a great 5.7 rebounds per game. 

    KB and the Lakers won it all and Kb averaged 5.4 rebounds on the season. 

    Advantage: MJ

15th Season

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    Kb is averaging 5.4 rebounds per game at age 32.

    Jordan played all 82 games as a 40-year-old and had a record setting season for scoring at age 40. He also added an amazing 6.1 rebounds per game. Jordan was still schooling the shit out of the league.

    Advantage: MJ


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    Well - the advantage goes to MJ by far..

    MJ averaged 6.2 rebounds per game for his entire career!!! Wow, a shooting guard who averaged that for his career would be awesome in itself, but MJ also added 30.1 ppg for his CAREER!!! WTF??? and he added 5.3 ast, 2.3 stls and 0.8 blocks on 50% shooting for his CAREER.

    KB averaged 5.3 rebs a game for his career and 25.5 points on 45% career shooting.

    Advantage: MJ=11 Kb =4

    We already analyzed Mj's shooting vs KB and Jordan utterly dominated that comparison. On defensive stats Jordan dominated even more. In assists MJ beat out Kb again - and here we see for rebounding - MJ was heads and shoulders above KB on this one. And he was shorter and lighter than Kobe; but better.

    Next comparison story: points per game per season: YES!!!!!!!