NBA Trade Rumors/Breaking News: Carmelo Anthony Delivers Ultimatum

marc mctCorrespondent IDecember 12, 2010

Carmelo the Knick
Carmelo the Knick

According to ESPN's Chris Sheridan, Carmelo Anthony just delivered his latest and greatest ultimatum vowing, not to sign an extension unless he's traded to the New York Knicks.

Sheridan's as of yet unnamed source declared the words as if they were his own.

There is only one thing to conclude from this: After months of hyperbole, Anthony will definitely be heading out of town.

Months ago, I published an article calling Anthony a coward. See link: Coward Melo

Despite Melo feigning to the contrary, the inevitable is happening. However, both sides have to know, as we do, that the relationship has run its course.  

Seemingly left with little choice, the Nuggets will do what's best for both.

For Denver, that means entertaining any and all offers that allow them to get something for something as the term “equal value” remains an ever elusive dream.

If not, Melo will do his time, perhaps even less enthusiastically than he has thus far, and Denver will end up as the Cavs did. "The Decision" will continue to reverberate as long as superstars exercise their new-found powers.  

Each time, superstars and their demands will read like a cautionary tale—more blueprint than allegory to avoid the perils of the new (some would say improved) NBA.

To some degree, the news is a bit anti-climatic, as we have all seen it coming for some time. And yet, it will still be cathartic because after waiting and anticipating, the conclusion will finally be played out.

Interestingly enough, Melo Yellow's return from injury, especially for the game against the Knicks, speaks volumes more about where his heart is then this johnny-come-lately ultimatum ever could.