Miami Heat: Does It Really Have To Be Lebron's Team Or Wade's Team?

Brent CaldwellContributor IDecember 8, 2010

The Miami Heat are trying to rebound from a rough start.
The Miami Heat are trying to rebound from a rough start.Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

When I was in my late teens, I took my younger cousin to the Palace to see Game 4 of the 2004 NBA Finals so she could see her beloved Detroit Pistons pull of an upset over the star-studded Los Angeles Lakers. 

The Pistons won that game, and two days later had completed what many called a "five game sweep," winning their third NBA title. 

That Pistons team was loaded with talentChauncey Billups and Richard Hamilton could have been standout superstars by themselves on most teams. But they didn't play like it. The Detroit Pistons of that era played as a team. Each cog in the machine doing its part. Which brings me to the Miami Heat of 2010.

Love them or hate them, they are fully loaded when it comes to talent. But much like that 2004 Lakers team, they won't win any titles if they cannot play as a team. (Yes I know the Lakers won three consecutive titles in years prior to that season, but I'm just drawing a comparison to this particular Lakers team.)

The Lakers of that year relied heavily on Kobe and Shaq to simply steamroll the underdog Pistons. But the Pistons moved the ball around and got everyone involved. Nobody on the Pistons squad had to score 30 points in every game, because everyone did their part and contributed as individuals to the team cause.

There is a constant debate among fans, journalists, and broadcasters concerning who's team it isis it LeBron James's team, or is it Dwyane Wade's team? Well my question is, does it really have to be one guy's team?

Does one of these elite superstars absolutely have to play second fiddle to the other? Does one have to be Batman and one of them Robin? Why not play as a team, and instead of worrying about who the bigger star is, and who the better player is, just focus on trying to win some championships?

Both Wade, LeBron, and even Chris Bosh, are capable of putting up solid numbers in every single game. With talent like that, they absolutely should be expected to contend for multiple titles. But they have to put selfish pride aside and focus on winning. And if that means sharing the ball, the spotlight, and the credit, than so be it. 

As it stands today, the "big three" have one ring between all of them. For that to change, they have to conduct themselves as a team, not a collection of talented players centered around one superstar.