Ranking the NBA Rookies: Best Scorer, Rebounder, Shooter and More

Zach HerringCorrespondent IIDecember 4, 2010

Ranking the NBA Rookies: Best Scorer, Rebounder, Shooter and More

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    Coming into every NBA season, certain rookies are always favored. This year, those rookies happen to be John Wall, Blake Griffin and Evan Turner. But who will end up having the best rookie season and best overall career?

    We cannot predict those things just yet, but we can rank who is having the best rookie season so far by ranking the best scorer, passer, rebounder, shooter, shot blocker and playmaker.

Best Scorer: Blake Griffin

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    Blake Griffin has had a great start to his “rookie” season. I don’t think he should be counted as a rookie but I cannot change that. His stats say that he is easily the best scoring rookie of the 2010-11 season.

    Griffin averages 20.6 points per game, the best among rookies. He has had many high scoring games, including his 44-point game against the Knicks, 35 points against the Jazz, and 31 points against Tim Duncan and the Spurs.

Best Passer: Eric Bledsoe

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    Yes, I may be wrong here by not choosing John Wall, but Eric Bledsoe has proven himself to me. Bledsoe has stepped up for the Clippers while Baron Davis is out with an injury or just not having a good night.

    Out of the 20 games Bledsoe has played, 17 of them have been starts. He averages 5.2 assists along with 2.95 turnovers per game. Wall is averaging 3.8 turnovers per game.

    Bledsoe has a bright future, playing alongside young stars like Blake Griffin and Eric Gordon. Not to mention Al-Farouq Aminu, who has the potential to be a good player.

Best Rebounder: Blake Griffin

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    Griffin is a monster on the boards, averaging 11.7 rebounds per game, including some big rebound games: 18 rebounds against the Detroit Pistons and 14 rebounds against the Utah Jazz.

    Griffin is fourth in all of the NBA and leads rookies in rebounds also. He is also seventh in offensive rebounds per game with 3.7.

Best Shooter: Landry Fields

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    Landry Fields has surprised everyone by making the New York Knicks starting lineup and arguably being the best rookie so far this season. His shooting percentage is what jumps out at me, 54 percent from the field, which is first among rookies and among all guards in the NBA.

    Landry went 10-for-15 in Denver, scoring 21 points.

    When the Knicks came to Milwaukee, I was very impressed with Landry. Even though he went 3-for-7 and scored eight points, I saw the great potential that he had. Since that game, he has been playing even better and shooting even better.

Best Shot Blocker: Larry Sanders

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    Larry Sanders has been a really big help for the Bucks. When Andrew Bogut went down with an injury, the Bucks turned to Sanders as the starting center.

    In his three starts while Bogut was out, Sanders had 11 blocks. So far this season, he averages 1.4 blocks per game. Sanders' last game against the Nuggets resulted in a 14 point, 10 rebound, eight block game.

    Sanders proved to Skiles that he deserves playing time and once Bogut comes back, Sanders will still get that time.

Best Playmaker: John Wall

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    If it’s a fast break assist or a highlight dunk, John Wall knows how to make a play. As many of us have seen, he was a playmaker in college and has brought that ability to the NBA with him.

    Wall has already had ESPN Top 10 dunk and assist. The only play we are waiting for now is a game-winning shot by Wall.