Cleveland Cavaliers Blunder Opportunity vs. LeBron James and Miami Heat

Jabber HeadSenior Analyst IDecember 3, 2010

After tonight, where do frustrated Cavs turn for leadership?

Well, there's not much to be said on behalf of the Cleveland Cavaliers. It seems the fans showed up, which you knew they would with more energy than the team themselves. Early in the first quarter it seemed to shape up as a classic battle, but Dwyane Wade and company seemed to turn that thermostat down a bit.

LeBron sits out the whole fourth quarter after scoring 38 on his old, hometown foe. Are you kidding me? Not really and I can tell you that I expected a very solid performance from him going into the contest. But enough about the big three because it's obvious they beat up on both the Pistons and Cavs on consecutive nights. Maybe they are back on track.

The Cavs are in dire need. Dire need of hope, especially after this emotionally draining homecoming that King James provided. The Cavs are in dire need of leadership. Leadership that will conjugate from the locker room to the floor. A veteran leader that will help shape these young guys in a new offensive system brought upon by coach Byron Scott.

Finally, the Cavs need something called a, "go-to guy." Who? I reiterate, who do the Cavs look to for a bucket when in desperate need? The person who can get to the basket and to the free-throw line and slow down another team's run. I firmly believe that person is wearing No. 6 for the Miami Heat.

Look at this for a second. Mo Williams is a guard who has proven he can score in this league and has a game-winner to his name over Brandon Jennings earlier this season. But how consistent can you count on Williams? Does he get to the line often? I don't think so. And getting to the line, hoping to stop the clock while getting an easy two is what this team needs.

I certainly am not going to put the offensive load in the hands of Anderson, "my hair flops in my eyes," Verajo. No way. I don't think a guy who calls himself, "Boobie," is going to have that so-called tenacity and will to score the rock. He's too busy hanging out by the three-point boundary.

How about veteran Antawn Jamison? He too has been injured and is inconsistent. J.J. Hickson started out the first four minutes of the game with so much energy you thought he was going to send a message all by himself. Boy, the fifth minute proved me wrong.

This is a question the Cavs need answered and they need to answer it quick. With a 7-11 record after tonight the sad part is they are not out of it totally in the Central Division. That division seems to be very sub-par thus far. But it is early so hold the phones.

I think Dan Gilbert should get on his horse though and search for someone to bring in to help complement what is already in place. Someone who can be counted on for that timely bucket. Someone who can help slow another team's arsenal of runs. Without that identity, these Cavs will endure a season they have not been accustomed to in the last few years.


Peace Up, Threes Down!

By: Brian GrayKissTheRim, an SJ Blog Partner

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