LeBron James Has to Do the Powder Routine in Cleveland on Thursday

Jack WindhamAnalyst IDecember 1, 2010

LeBron James
LeBron JamesMike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Just another game.

That's the mantra that LeBron James has to live by when he goes back to Cleveland on Thursday. It will be the first time that he has been back to the Quicken Loans Arena since leaving as a free agent over the summer. The game between the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Miami Heat will be one of the most anticipated ones of the year.

Even though it has been months since James' departure, the emotions are as high this week as it was this past summer. Some fans simply cannot move on. For them, this is an opportunity to let James know exactly how they feel.

In order to take the high road, the 6'8" forward has to treat this like any other game (on the surface). The lack of reaction would be more of a shot back at the fans than any punch or verbal slur that he can muster.

One of the ways in which he can give off the illusion that this is just another game is to maintain his routine. That means that he needs to do his pre-game routine where he tosses powder into the air. That moment alone should incite quite a ruckus in the arena.

While some may feel that this is a minor thing, others are taking notice. Teammate Dwyane Wade has already publicly stated that he was hoping to see James continue with the routine. Shaquille O'Neal has stated that members of the Boston Celtics have already placed bets on whether or not he will do it.

The best bet for James to avoid further harassment from the media and fans is to do the powder routine.