NBA Footwear Fever: Ranking This Fall's Best Basketball Shoes

Zach HerringCorrespondent IINovember 26, 2010

NBA Footwear Fever: Ranking This Fall's Best Basketball Shoes

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    Every basketball season there are new Nikes and Adidas but this basketball season there were some new shoes on the store shelves. Reebok and Under Armour realesed basketball shoes this season, Reebok not being a new shoe but Reebok was reborn when they signed John Wall to a shoe deal. Under Amour dropped their first ever basketball shoe with the man behind them being Brandon Jennings of the Milwaukee Bucks.

    In this article I will show some of my favorite player and team exclusives and then rank the best player shoes that came out this fall.

    As you see, the Lebron 8’s South Beach Edition is displayed. It is one of my favorite exclusives/limited edition shoes of the fall. The colors are out of the ordinary, which I love, and the Lebron 8 happens to be one of my favorite shoes of this fall.

Black Ice Halloween Exclusives

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    I am a big fan of the Black Ice and of Brandon Jennnings, as you probably know, so I really like these orange and black kicks. Jennings was supposed to wear these the night before Halloween but at the last minute changed into some of the Prototypes that he wore last season.

Nike 2010 HyperDunks

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    I know these are not player or team exclusive shoes but I am a HUGE fan of the new HyperDunks. Love the new ankle and the shape. I especially like these orange and black and would have got them myself if I had not already gotten the Micro G Fly shoes.

2010 Nike HyperDunk—Stephen Curry Exclusives

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    I love these Curry HyperDunks, not only because I love the shoe in general but the new Warriors colors and jerseys are great and these shoes go right along with them.

    In the future I can see Curry with his own signature shoe with Nike.

2010 Nike HyperDunk—Maui Invitational Exclusives

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    These Maui exclusives are really cool, and as you see in the picture, the different color laces are for different teams. As I watched the tournament I noticed these shoes and had to put them in the article.

Nike HyperFuse- Rajon Rondo Exclusive

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    The HyperFuse are another shoe that I really like and the all green Rondo exclusives are really cool. Rondo has worn all green Nikes for the past couple seasons.

Nike HyperFuse- Brandon Roy Exclusive

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    These Brandon Roy exclusives are also very cool. Not as cool as the Rondos but I still really like them.

Nike HyperFuse- Russel Westbrook

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    I really like these Westbrook exclusives, they are my favorites of the HyperFuse player exclusives. Not only because I love the Thunder and Westbrook is a really fun guy to watch. Another great thing about them is the colors. Thunder orange and blue, gotta love it!

Under Amour Micro G Supreme- Gilbert Arenas Exclusive

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    I had not seen this shoes until a day ago. There is not any word of these shoes being sold to the public but could be sold in the future.

    These shoes are similar to the Black Ice but have a few different features. An obvious one being the 9 on the shoe for Gilbert's new number.

Under Armour Micro G Supreme- Gilbert Arenas Exclusive

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    Another colorway of the Arenas exclusives. These look even more similar to the Black Ice. I do like the black and purple colors on these shoes.

KD III's Durant Exclusive

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    I am a HUGE fan of the KD shoes and love these orange and black shoes. Right now they are exclusive for Durant but if they are realesed, I will definetly be buying a pair when/if they come out. They would be at the top of the list if they were on shelves.

    Now on to the rankings!

    Who will have the best player shoe of Fall 2010?

6. Nike Zoom Soldier IV

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    Not a big fan of this shoe. The shape doesn’t look very nice, and I hate the Lion on the side of the shoe.

    Definitely liked the previous Soldiers a lot better than these. 

5. Adidas AdiZero Rose

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    I am a fan of these shoes. But the shoe seems to look better in the commercial than it does in real life. The shape seems a little awkward to me.

    Love the commercial and I do like the shoes.

    But they have nothing on these next shoes.

4. Reebok ZigSlash

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    Considering that the last guy to have signature shoes from Reebok was Allen Iverson, this John Wall ZigSlash is pretty nice. I like how they are like the ZigTech but for basketball, other players wearing ZigTech are Ochocinco, Sidney Crosby, and Peyton Manning.

    Everyone loves John Wall, so the shoes will be a hit.

3. Under Armour Black Ice, Micro G Fly, Blur and Lite

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    Under Amour released their first ever basketball shoes. Brandon Jennings being the man behind them, Jennings signature shoe, Black Ice was a hit all over the US. I personally have the Micro G Fly and love them. Great shoes.

    Since this is Under Amour’s first basketball shoe. They couldn’t beat out Nike quite yet.

    But watch out for Brandon Jennings and Under Amour in the future!

2. Lebron 8’s

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    These are by far my favorite Lebrons, love that they are “higher” tops than the Zoom Soldier IV. Like I said about the South Beach Edition. I really like these shoes. All the reviews I have read are great and have said that the low tops are also pretty good.

    I also like the colorway.

1. KD 3’s

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    I loved the KD 2’s and the 3’s are just as great. A slimmer, lower version of the 2’s but still a great shoe. Still have the signature KD logo along with a new heel design. As the shoes are closer to their release date we will learn more about them and also get a closer look at them. These shoes kind of remind me of the Kobe shoes.

    With Durant being one of the NBA’s fan favorites, these shoes will be a huge success for Nike.