Christy Martin Shot and the 10 Most Bizarre Sports Stories of the Year

Nathaniel UyFeatured ColumnistNovember 25, 2010

Christy Martin Shot and the 10 Most Bizarre Sports Stories of the Year

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    Christy Martin, a former female boxing world champion, has made headlines this Thanksgiving eve because of reports that she has been hospitalized and is recovering from being shot and beaten by her husband.

    That's definitely a weird story coming on the verge of the holiday season.  But we've seen plenty of bizarre sports news all year long.

    Here are 10 of the weirdest sports stories of the year.

10. Mat Latos Injury

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    Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images

    Instead of going "A-choo!" and letting it all out, he went "Ach..." and held back the "oo!"

    As a result, Latos, a pitcher for the San Diego Padres, apparently injured a side muscle.

    After starting the the first half of the season on a tear, Latos had to serve some time on the disabled list for holding back his sneeze.

    Way to go.  

9. Victoria Azarenka Collapses

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    During the 2010 U.S. Open, Victoria Azarenka suddenly crumbled to the ground and lay almost motionless on the hot tennis court at Flushing Meadows.

    She was trailing Gisela Dulko in a second-round match, 1-4, and just suddenly collapsed.

    Azarenka was later diagnosed with a mild concussion, an injury she reportedly sustained during a pre-match training session.

8. Carlos Boozer Injury

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    Doug Benc/Getty Images

    Prized Chicago Bulls free-agent acquisition Carlos Boozer was supposed to help bolster their frontcourt this season.

    But a bizarre injury is expected to keep him off the court until December.

    According to Boozer, he tripped over a bag at home and broke the fifth metacarpal bone in his hand.

    He does have a reputation for long recovery periods when it's not a contract year.  Anyone think he did it on purpose?

7. Antonio Cromartie's Children

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    Who doesn't love their children?

    Evidently, Antonio Cromartie, cornerback for the New York Jets, has some trouble remembering all of their names.

    What's that? He's got four three-year-olds? Or was it five?

    With seven kids from six different women, it's got to be hard to keep track.

6. Steve Nash Divorce

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    Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

    He may be a two-time NBA MVP, but he also has the uncanny distinction of being an MVP who has never reached the NBA Finals.

    Well, he can add something else to his resume: one of the weirdest sports divorce stories around.

    Early in November, he welcomed the birth of his first son, Matteo, and subsequently announced that he was divorcing his wife of five years.

5. Christy Martin

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    Getty Images/Getty Images

    During Thanksgiving Week 2010, this 42-year-old female boxer was shot and stabbed, allegedly by her husband.

    She somehow managed to crawl out of her home, escape and hail a motorist. 

    Martin was then driven to a hospital where she was treated and is expected to recover.


4. Dwyane Wade Divorce

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    Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

    The Dwyane Wade divorce case became quite messy.

    First, there were allegations by his ex-wife, Siovaughn, that he had given her an STD.

    Then he made a claim in court that she was and continues to be mentally unsound.

    Whatever the case, STDs and crazy women are an absolutely bizarre story.

3. Ron Artest NBA Finals Press Conference

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    Who can ever forget the postgame press conference of Ron Artest after winning the NBA Finals with the Los Angeles Lakers.

    It was an amusing presser where he celebrated having Wheaties and kept going on a crazy rant looking to be acknowledged by people on laptops.

    "I got Wheaties!!!"

2. Tony Parker Sexting

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    Call it Tiger Woods lite.

    But this story, as it developed, got stranger and stranger.

    Eva supposedly decided to file divorce paperwork after discovering that Tony was cheating on her.

    How? She found hundreds of text messages from a common female friend.

    And how did they know each other? She was allegedly the wife of Tony's former teammate, Brent Barry.


1. Brett Favre Scandal

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    Oh, Brett Favre, how you wish you never came back for a 20th season.

    At the start of the NFL season, rumors surfaced that he had allegedly left inappropriate voicemails and sent dirty pictures to a former Jets sideline reporter, Jenn Sterger.

    Weeks later, it was published by  Their website even posted what was allegedly photos of Favre's privates.

    Favre's southern gentleman reputation soon faded away.