Terrence Williams Suspended Two Games by New Jersey Nets for Violating Policy

Brandon PutreContributor INovember 24, 2010

For reasons Coach Avery Johnson would not disclose, New Jersey Nets swingman Terrence Williams has been suspended for two games and will not travel with the team to Boston to face the Celtics tonight.  He was also suspended for last night's game at home against the Atlanta Hawks.

Williams first began missing time due to a strained abdominal muscle following a game against the Miami Heat on November 6.  He saw limited action upon his return two weeks later but was then sidelined the following game despite reports that he was perfectly healthy. 

With Anthony Morrow posting very solid lines while Williams was injured, it was speculated that perhaps Terrence was falling out of the rotation.

Thus, it was quite puzzling when Johnson cited "repeatedly violating team policy" as the reason for Williams' benching.  According to Johnson, the team recently fined him multiple times as a warning, but the message never came across.  They were left with no choice but to hand out the suspension. 

Williams' behavior has clearly frustrated Johnson, who told Terrence he did not even want him on the bench during his suspension and did not allow him to travel with the team. 

Although Johnson did not cite specific examples of Williams' unfavorable behavior, it is not hard to imagine that it had to do with senseless things he has said.

Last season, Williams found himself in Lawrence Frank's doghouse after tweeting, "How would it be if Mr. Stern called my name 10 min earlier #9 or 5 min later #12," wondering what life would be like if he was not drafted eleventh overall by the Nets.

Then, Nets general manager Rod Thorn had also mentioned Terrence's knack for damaging team morale when speaking to the media.

Stupid behavior is expected from rookies who are not accustomed to dealing with the press or representing their team, but hasn't Williams already learned his lesson?

It is a shame to see such potential go to waste. One can only hope that he gets over his behavioral issues quickly before he talks himself off the team or out of the league.