The 50 Sorest Sports in Sports

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The 50 Sorest Sports in Sports

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    When people practice their whole lives to win, and it doesn't happen, they are ill-prepared to lose. For these men and women, handling a loss in front of thousands of people doesn't go so well.

    Falling just short or getting blown out can be a tough pill to swallow, but poking fun at those who handle it poorly is a vitamin worthy of Flintstones Chewables.

    Therefore, Bleacher Report salutes these masters of the melodramatic with a countdown for cry-babies and tantrum titans. Enjoy...


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Honorable Mention: MMA Kick Below the Belt

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    It's tough to say if this was deliberate. However, even though MMA fighters wear cups during the matches, a kick to the twins is never a fair or condoned way to attack an opponent.

50. Alex Ovechkin Hates His Female Fans

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    Alexander Ovechkin officially doesn't like his female fans. After a dismal performance at the 2010 Olympic Games, the Washington Capitals star refused to sign autographs or take pictures.

    When a young lady wanted to videotape her encounter with Ovechkin, he tried to knock the camera from her hand.

    If you're a center and you're at the club, find a different wingman!

49. Tiger Woods Self Pep Talk (Rough Draft)

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    At the Masters earlier this year, Tiger accidentally publicly showed his frustration with some of his shots, including this one where he gave himself a profanity-filled pep talk.

    Maybe this is just a rough draft of the final rant, where he tells himself letting go of a supermodel to slum around with hookers was probably a bad idea.

48. Prince Fielder Orchestrates Misconduct

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    If you are a Brewers fan, you love it. If you're a fan of any other team, you hate this. Only in the NFL, and even then it's questionable, should this exist.

    Following a walk-off home run against the Giants last season, Prince Fielder lead the team in a celebration at home plate.

    The crowd went nuts...because it was a home game. 

    Let's see you try that at Yankee Stadium, Prince. Better yet, try leaving Dodger Stadium without getting mugged by at least a six-person mob. He's huge, but beware of the drunken Angelenos.

47. How Are There Not More Fights in Rugby?

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    When grown men hit each other without pads, there are bound to be brawls.

    Even in a gentleman's game of barbaric acts, unsportsmanlike fighting can happen.

46. Walk-Off Turns Into Brawl-On

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    What happens when an unknown minor-league player hits a walk-off home run, which happens a dozen times per season, then taunts the other team while rounding the bases?

    A pint-sized brawl of mediocre proportions!

45. USA Basketball No-Shows on Silver Medals

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    While most would consider bailing on your silver medals at the Olympics bad sportsmanship, there was actually a reason behind the 1972 USA basketball team refusing to accept the awards.

    After trailing the Soviets for most of the game, Team USA made a remarkable comeback, and Doug Collins sank two free throws to give USA the win.

    But wait, after the inbounds play, the final three seconds ticked off, only for the referee to put three seconds back on the clock to allow the Russians to try it again.

    Again, the Soviets failed, and the US team began celebrating, only for the referee to put three seconds back on the clock once again. Finally, on the third attempt, the Russians scored and won gold...for no apparent reason. 

    To this day, 12 silver medals remain unclaimed.

44. Wisconsin Runs Up the Score Vs Indiana

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    This is more a consequence of the BCS system than just pure unsportsmanlike conduct on behalf of the Wisconsin Badgers. 

    In the game against Indiana last week, Wisconsin scored 83 points, embarrassing its opponent in front of the home crowd.

    It was uncalled for—or was it? In the current BCS system, you earn points for margin of victory. To impress pollsters and the computerized system, a team must score as many points as they can.

    So for Indiana, they were the poor victims of the system, but Wisconsin didn't have to rub it in that much.

43. Sidney Crosby Says "No Thanks" to Shaking Hands with Red Wings

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    In June 2009, the Penguins had just won the Stanley Cup over the Detroit Red Wings. As the players came together to shake hands, Crosby was noticeably absent.

    He had gone to pick up Lord Stanley's Cup and snubbed the Red Wings out of sportsmanship. 

    Not the first, nor the last, controversial move Crosby will have in his career, and certainly not the worst sportsmanship move in hockey.

42. Insane Bolt of Bad Sportmanship by Usain Bolt

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    At the 2008 Beijing Olympics , Usain Bolt set a world record of 9.69 seconds in the 100-meter dash.

    What was more amazing? He started celebrating before the race was even over!

    It's hard to say such an amazing feat was bad sportsmanship. But even though Bolt is apparently half god, he should acknowledge that he is still a man and has good human sportsmanship.

41. Patriots Celebrate Come-From-Behind Victory, Merriman Style

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    After an amazing comeback win over the San Diego Chargers in the 2007 AFC divisional playoffs, the New England Patriots danced at midfield, copying Shawne Merriman's sack dance.

    The incident upset then-Chargers running back LaDainian Tomlinson so much that he was screaming and pointing at a Patriots player. He was still upset when he addressed the media and made a pointed reference to Patriots coach Bill Belichick, calling the display "disrespectful."

    "They showed no class and maybe that comes from the head coach," Tomlinson said.

40. Chris Bosh Accuses Shaquille O'Neal of Cheating

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    How do you let Shaquille O'Neal drop 45 points on you and then accuse him of cheating? That's exactly what Chris Bosh did as a member of the Toronto Raptors.

    O'Neal dominated Bosh, but Bosh blamed it on the officials, saying they weren't calling three-second violations on Shaq.

    NBA players need to come up with a new excuse for losing games, as the officials are always going to miss things. Maybe Bosh was really bitter because he was out-sized.

    We know Chris, it's not very fun to look like a scarecrow and be in the NBA.

39. Roger Clemens Throws Bat at Piazza

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    What was he doing? Roger Clemens said in a postgame interview he "thought it was the ball" when he threw a broken bat at Mets catcher Mike Piazza. 

    Even if it was the ball, which looks nothing like a long, thin piece of wood, where was he aiming? First base was nowhere near the throw. 

    It's been said that steroids increase aggression due to testosterone production, but that's just ridiculous!

38. Play-Fighting Has Dangerous Consequences

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    In the 2005 Peach Bowl, a brawl between Miami and LSU broke out in the tunnel at the Georgia Dome, and it went something like this:

    According to published reports, Miami player Andrew Bain was arrested by Georgia State Patrol in the tunnel of the Georgia Dome following a postgame fight between players from Miami and players from LSU.

    According to Larry Coker, Bain and fellow Miami player Khalil Jones were knocked down by helmets and Bain got up swinging.

    The fight appears to have broken out after LSU receiver Dwayne Bowe, a Miami resident, started play-fighting with some Miami players as they were leaving through the same tunnel as a joke, and some Miami players took it as serious and started brawling.

    Coker said following the game, "I don't know what happened and I don't condone it."

    Perhaps the only thing more silly than play-fighting in the locker room tunnel is getting in a fight while wearing full pads and helmets.

    "Owwwwaa, that hurt kinda..."

37. New York Knicks Hate Losing, Love Brawling

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    In 2006, two years after the Pistons-Pacers brawl, Knicks head coach Isiah Thomas was disgruntled over Nuggets coach George Karl leaving his starters in during the fourth quarter of the Nuggets' blowout win. 

    Thomas instructed his team to foul hard, and they did. The fight began with a flagrant foul by Knicks guard Mardy Collins on Nuggets guard J. R. Smith, and after the game Thomas made it known why he made the call.

    What difference does it make if Karl's starters are still in the game? The Knicks never stood a chance anyway.

36. Prince Fielder Tries to Fight Dodgers

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    Last season, Fielder was upset with the Dodgers, specifically reliever Guillermo Mota, for throwing at him during the game.

    After the game was over, the extra-large first baseman charged through the bowels of Dodger Stadium towards the Dodgers locker room. 

    The tantrum was caught on camera and, once again, Fielder can't escape poor sportsmanship.

35. Titans Coach Cecil Flips Off Refs

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    After the Tennessee Titans were repeatedly penalized against the Denver Broncos this season, Titans coach Chuck Cecil was caught on camera blatantly flipping off the referees. 

    Cecil is obviously not the first person to flip the bird during a game, but Cecil had to know he'd be on camera when he did it, and you just can't lose your cool on the field. 

    Cecil was fined $40,000 for the incident.

34. Evgeni Plushenko Epitomizes Figure Skater

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    At the 2010 Vancouver Olympics, Evgeni Plushenko thought he had put on the best performance in figure-skating history (which ESPN would chronicle in about 10 seconds). However, the judges begged to differ, and handed him the silver medal. 

    In protest, this spandex-onesie dandie stood on the gold-medal platform and refused to come down while the national anthems were playing.

    He finally received the silver medal and ran off the ice to go sulk to his favorite Cher album and a BluRay copy of Bride Wars.

33. Arsène Wenger

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    "Big-chesting with Martin Jol. Shoving with Alan Pardew. Pizza-throwing with Alex Ferguson. Wenger's rap sheet of post-defeat strops reads like a list of Christmas DVDs.

    "Football managers could make up this 10 on their own, and few accept a loss without any sourness at all (José Mourinho distrusted any ball that accessed the Chelsea net).

    "None, though, quite equals the Arsenal boss's petulance when his team are beaten. Wenger once said there was 'no room for good losers' in the Premier League, and he was right: this giant baby takes up most of the space with his foot-stamping and his wavy-armed tantrums."


32. Mexico on Loss to Country That Doesn't Care for Soccer, Futbol, Whatever

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    "American rightback Frankie Hejduk was involved in a scuffle with certain members of the Mexican squad, including Guillermo Franco and assistant coach Paco Ramirez.

    "Univision's cameras captured Ramirez striking Hejduk with a slap. The defender retaliated with a shove of the coach and Franco followed that up with a push of his own on Hejduk. Security personnel and Hejduk continuing to move to the locker rooms prevented a further incident.

    "After the game, U.S. captain Carlos Bocanegra talked about the fracas. 'It's a silly way to end the night,' he said."



    Sorry, I just didn't care enough to write my own description.

31. Shaquille O'Neal Invades Charles Barkley's Ego

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    Charles Barkley is a stranger to sharing his opinion like Ben Roethlisberger is a stranger to 19-year-old female partygoers. 

    So when he felt Shaq was crowding him a little too closely on the court, of course a fight broke out between these two heavyweights. 

    Barkley has a history of sore-losing examples all over YouTube, but this is just a small taste.

30. A-Rod Slaps His Pride Away

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    We could have used the most obvious reason Alex Rodriguez would be on this list—cough, steroids, cough—but we'll point out another one instead.

    In 2004 against the Red Sox, A-Rod hit a routine dunker towards first base. Bronson Arroyo picked up the ball in his glove, and while trying to apply the tag, Rodriguez swatted at his glove and knocked the ball out.

    A-Fraud was called out for interference, and Derek Jeter's run was nullified. 

    There's no crying in baseball, so why would we allow slapping? Class act.

29. Bill Belichick Snubs Eric Mangini

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    After Bill Belichick refused a handshake to Eric Mangini, a full-blown feud was born.

    Add in secretive filming of the Jets and signing of practice-squad players, and let the parodies begin.

28. Carl Edwards KO's Brad Keselowski

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    These two really hate each other. Keselowski had tapped Edwards at Talladega, and Edwards had revenge on his mind.

    Now, most of you probably don't watch NASCAR, so I can tell you this is deliberate contact on the part of Carl Edwards.

    But that's about all I can tell you about NASCAR.

27. Major Minor League Brawl

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    Brawls in baseball occur at least a few times a season. But the difference between those and what happened in this brawl in 2008 between the Dayton Dragons and the Peoria Chiefs lands this on the list of blatant unsportsmanlike conduct.

    Watch closely as a pitcher for the Peoria Chiefs aims a throw at the dugout and hits a fan. Felony assault charges should never be involved in a baseball game.

    A record 17 players were ejected, then reversed just so the teams would have enough players to finish the game. Ridiculous.

26. Paul Pierce Mocks LeBron James on Twitter

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    Suddenly there is a downside to social networking on the Internet. Many athletes have used Twitter to voice their opinions and have received fines.

    Pierce recently had some unflattering things to say about LeBron James. Fighting on the Internet is kinda like slap-fighting with helmets on.

25. Terrell Owens Takes It One Celebration Too Far

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    In September 2000, Terrell Owens notched another one on the list, catching a TD pass before sprinting to the 50-yard line to celebrate on the Dallas Cowboys' star. Later in the game, Emmitt Smith scored and reclaimed the star. 

    That should have been the end of it, but it wasn't. T.O. scored one more time and, yep, did the same thing again. This time he was met by George Teague, who hit him hard. A small skirmish broke out before everyone went back to their respective sidelines.

    Just the first in a long line of "why's?" for the reality TV star.

24. Roberto Alomar Goes Jurassic Park on Umpire

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    In 1996, Alomar was tossed from the game by Umpire John Hirschbeck for arguing balls and strikes. Roberto took it to the next level just moments later. 

    While being separated, Alomar spit on Hirschbeck, and his Hall of Fame candidacy may forever be affected.

23. Albert Haynesworth Plays Soccer With Head of Andre Gurode

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    In a game between the Tennessee Titans and Dallas Cowboys, Titans defensive lineman Albert Haynesworth threw Dallas Cowboys center Andre Gurode to the ground, removed his helmet, then stomped his head.

    The result was a five-game suspension and near-$200,000 fine for Haynesworth, and 30 stitches with blurred vision for Gurode.

    Haynesworth is a 335-pound baby, something the Redskins are learning the hard way.

22. Manny Being Manny While Fighting Youkilis

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    Plenty of choices in this guy's career, but fighting your teammates in the dugout during the game ranks pretty high up there.

    While things were turning sour with Manny and the Red Sox, a complete breakdown occurred in the dugout between Ramirez and Kevin Youkilis.

    They began fighting during a televised game, one of the first signs Manny's time in Beantown was running out.

21. Bobby Knight Chair Toss

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    Bobby Knight isn't known for his sportsmanship over the years. Duh. Here is a prime example of a perfect role model for kids.

    Anyway, enjoy Bobby Knight throwing a chair to the free-throw line. Maybe now that his career is over, he'll take up bowling.

20. Isiah Thomas Quits Before the Game Officially Ends

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    Mike Powell/Getty Images

    The Pistons would become yet another victim of Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls dynasty, and they didn't take it very well.

    In 1991, following elimination from the Eastern Conference Finals at the hands of the Chicago Bulls, Thomas, along with several teammates, walked off the court following an embarrassing loss.

    The problem? The game wasn't over yet. There were still nearly eight seconds left when Isiah and several teammates made their way to the locker room.

    Thomas had one of those oddly-timed plastic smiles on his face as he went down the tunnel towards the locker room. It seems like everywhere he goes, that smile is present. Right, New York?

19. Chris Paul Pulls a Chyna

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    Julius Hodge is the victim of an underhanded attack from Chris Paul.

    Watch the replay as Hodge had no idea what hit him.

18. Izzy Alcantara Goes Bruce Lee on the Red Barons

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    "While with the Pawtucket Red Sox, Alcantara, after being brushed back a second time by Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Red Barons pitcher Blas Cedeño, turned around, kicking catcher Jeremy Salazar, karate-style, in the mask before charging the mound, throwing an unsuccessful punch at Cedeño before turning around as other players joined the fight until he was tackled by Kevin Orie."

    The incident cost Izzy Alcántara a six-game suspension and his spot on the International League's All-Star squad. In Izzy's defense, the Providence Journal offered this explanation:

    "What happened may have been simmering for some time. By his actions, it appears Alcantara knew something might occur that night. After the game Alcantara insisted Cedeño was throwing at him. Early in May, Alcantara slammed two home runs off Red Barons pitcher Pete Zamora, who later hit Alcantara with a pitch and was suspended and fined by the league. On July 2 Alcantara belted another home run off Zamora and may have, in Zamora's view, hot-dogged it a little around the bases."


17. Nyjer Morgan Has Little Man Syndrome in Overdrive

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    In separate incidents, Nyjer Morgan has charged the mound, sworn at opposing fans, and allowed an inside-the-park home run while throwing a tantrum in center field after he missed a fly ball.

    Who else would want to see an MMA fight between Morgan and Carlos Zambrano?

16. Todd Bertuzzi Breaks Neck of Steve Moore

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    During the 2004-05 season, the Vancouver Canucks were upset over a cheap shot delivered by the Colorado Avalanche's Steve Moore on Markus Näslund.

    The Avalanche openly said they would seek revenge on Moore, but when it actually happened, everyone was a little shocked at how far it went. 

    Todd Bertuzzi grabbed Moore by the back of the jersey and delivered a cheap shot to the side of his head, knocking him unconscious while still on his skates. Moore's head hit the ice awkwardly and Bertuzzi continued to punch him.

    Moore suffered a broken neck among several other injuries. Legal retaliation is one thing, but breaking a guy's neck is ridiculous. 

15. Latrell Sprewell Steals Air From PJ Carlesimo's Lungs

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    During a practice for the Golden State Warriors in 1997, Latrell Sprewell choked his coach, PJ Carlesimo, and received a 68-game suspension from the NBA.

    When you think of bad sportsmanship, you generally think of a player on one team dissing a player on another, but it still counts when a player goes after a coach.

    It probably played out something like this:

    PJ: "Spinners on car rims are the stupidest idea I've ever heard."

    Latrell: "You're just Rick Adelman's sloppy seconds."

    PJ: "That's not what your sister said."

    Latrell: "I'm gonna choke you out!"


14. LeGarrette Blount Has a Mean Right Hook

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    Everyone not familiar with these two teams seems to think they hate each other simply because they are both really good. 

    Naughty, naughty nation. You should know better!

    If you don't know why there is bad blood, LeGarrette Blount is going to run into your bedroom and knock you out!

13. Kenny Rogers Attacks Cameraman

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    During pregame warm-ups, Kenny Rogers was upset over pressing questions from a one-man camera crew and let it be known that he didn't want to be filmed.

    When the cameraman persisted, Rogers knocked the camera from his hands several times, before finally kicking it.

    Rogers had to be escorted off the field. Aww, don't be such a sourpuss, Kenny!

12. Getting Hit in the Balls by the Pope

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    Seton Hall's Herb Pope earned an ejection after hitting a Texas Tech player in the wedding tackle twice in the same game.

    The video has great replays with slo-mo, so you can see Pope deliberately aiming for that region.

11. Dennis Rodman Fights...Everybody

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    What do Karl Malone, Shaquille O'Neal and a cameraman have in common? Give up? They've all been victims of Dennis Rodman and his on-the-court antics.

    Rodman is to the NBA what George Parros is to the NHL. Rodman's legend lies in the minds of his opponents instead of the record books.

10. Pedro Martinez Drops Don Zimmer Like a Bad Habit

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    During another historic matchup between the Boston Red Sox and the New York Yankees in 2003, tempers flared between the teams, resulting in a bench-clearing brawl.

    In the strangest turn of events in baseball brawl history, Yankees bench coach Don Zimmer charged at outspoken Sox pitcher Pedro Martinez.

    It's unclear if Zimmer really wanted a piece of Pedro or if he was just trying to give the pitcher a piece of his mind. Either way, what happened next is still unbelievable, despite the footage.

    As Zimmer got in Pedro's face, Martinez grabbed the old man by the dome and dumped him to the side. The incident is still considered inexcusable on Pedro's part, but if you had that ugly mug in your face, would you hand him a stick of gum or do the same?

    I know my answer...

9. John McEnroe's Career

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    "You cannot be serious!" 

    Only John McEnroe can make a career out of being a cry-baby (Chad Ochocinco and Terrell Owens can try).

    There is really not one single incident to point out here, just enjoy.

8. Carlos Zambrano's Multiple Meltdowns

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    Teammates, umpires, coke machines. All have fallen victim to Carlos Zambrano's tirades.

    Apparently, Big Z feels a couple no-hitters in a career is excuse enough to behave like an eight-year-old denied an XBox 360 in Toys R Us. 

    The epitome of the sorest sport in sports, Zambrano takes the cake, and the bats, helmets and balls, in this countdown.

7. Mike Tyson-Style Dining: No Fork Needed

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    Mike, where to start?

    Evander Holyfield embarrassed him in their first meeting. So when Holyfield agreed to fight Tyson a second time, "The Eccentric One" had obvious revenge on his mind.

    However, Tyson was ill-prepared, reportedly hitting the town and partying before the match.

    Holyfield was bigger, stronger and cleaner. Tyson realized he would be demolished once again. He proceeded to bite off small chunks of Holyfield's ears and he was disqualified. 

    Later, he would make threats to eat children and to commit sexual acts against another man. Creepy.

6. Serena Williams and the Death Threats

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    Serena Williams had already destroyed a racket in this 2009 US Open match following a poor return, but when she was called for a foot fault on a second serve attempt in the final game, Serena had some serious words for the line judge.

    The double-fault on the serve made the score of the game 40-15 and the extra point she received for using profane language with the judge added the final point to the game. That gave her opponent, Kim Clijsters, the victory. 

    After the match judge gave Clijsters the victory, Williams yelled out death threats and was escorted off the court.

    The full video is available on YouTube, but not available for embedding due to copyright laws.

5. LeBron James Is Afraid of Magic

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    LeBron James cemented his fate as a sore loser when, after losing to the Orlando Magic in the Eastern Conference Finals, he ran off the court, snubbing the Magic players out of a postgame handshake. This display of bad sportsmanship may have been a consequence of inattentiveness.

    Explanation: James may have been so disappointed in the loss that he just wanted desperately to get off the court and he forgot all about sportsmanship in defeat.

    More likely though, he just realized he was LeBron James and thought he was too good to be a gentleman.

4. Mascots Fight on the Turf

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    Benny Beaver and Puddles the Duck are waiting for the rest of the nation's mascots to catch up.

    Highlighted on Best Damn's countdown are these two mascots who take rivalry to the next level. 

    Watch as Benny the Beaver turns the Ducks mascot into a stuffed animal, for reals.

3. Zidane Headbutts Opponent to End Career

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    In the final match of his career, France's Zinedine Zidane was tired of hearing trash talk from Italy's Marco Materazzi and headbutted him to the ground.

    Zidane was red-carded and finished his career by being kicked off the field.

    When asked if he was sorry for his actions, Zidane replied, "I would rather die than apologize to him."

2. Delmon Young Throws Bat at Umpire

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    Everyone loses their cool at times in baseball (except John Olerud), but most take out their frustration with a vocal barrage of colorful adjectives and tasteless name-calling.

    So when Delmon Young was frustrated while playing in the minors and getting called out on strikes, you would expect him to throw some words at the umpire, but most certainly not his bat.

    Classy move, Delmon. Enjoy your suspension.

1. Elizabeth Lambert Should Join the Lingerie Football League

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    Flopping goes on at the highest level of soccer by grown men. But in this instance, a girl really does destory the competition, and not with her feet.

    New Mexico's Elizabeth Lambert single-footedly (Get it? 'Cause it's soccer! Haha!) destroyed the BYU girls' soccer team. She received a ban from the game and refused to apologize, stating she hated them and has no regrets.

    Hey Elizabeth, MTV just called and said it wants you in the league! Nothing hotter than a girl who plays dirty.