EA Sport's NBA Jam Review: Does It Live Up To Its Predecessor?

Alex BrooksCorrespondent INovember 16, 2010

The newest edition of NBA Jam is one of the more interesting sports games that I have had the chance to play.

The original NBA Jam was out when I was young, so I really didn't care about the names in the game or even know what I was doing. However, this edition has given everyone a chance to experience the hit all over again.

The first game I played was with the Minnesota Timberwolves as Kevin Love and I managed to land my first dunk, which looked like a corkscrew in mid-air. This had me remembering what happened when I played the game as a child. 

The gameplay makes NBA Jam incredibly addicting and the games are almost always close if you have the correct difficulty setting. 

The best part about the game is probably the remix mode, which is like an upgrade to the craziness that is NBA Jam. 

Remix mode has power ups that will give your player a boost in one way or another, the most frequent power-up when I played was ironically called power. It gave me the ability to shove the other team almost across the court and literally gave him the strength of a thousand men. There are about six total power-ups, but I won't spoil them. 

There is also a campaign mode of sorts where the player has to go through all 30 NBA teams, and every five teams they will run into a team of legends. Each team has two legends that have to be unlocked by playing the game's two campaign modes.

The second mode is a Remix campaign where the player has to clear teams by completing various tasks which reminded me of NBA Street, which shockingly was an EA game as well. 

This franchise has been reborn through this adaptation and I can only hope that we see more either via downloadable content or perhaps a sequel.

Rating: 9/10