Houston Rockets: How Should Houston Replace the Injured Aaron Brooks?

James Schmidt@@james_schmidt1Correspondent INovember 15, 2010

Houston Rockets: How Should Houston Replace the Injured Aaron Brooks?

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    According to Jonathan Feigen at the Houston Chronicle Aaron Brooks will mist 4-6 weeks due to a sprained left ankle.

    It occurred at the end of the second quarter when Brooks was throwing up a half-court prayer as time expired, he landed on Ginobli's foot.

    Many Rockets fans though Ginobli did this on purpose, I disagree and so does Brooks, 

    "I don't think anything of it,"  "Bang bang play." "It was an accident."

    But now the question arises, what to do? You got Kyle Lowry's back acting up with spasms. He's probably at 80% right now, but is available to play.

    Then you got Ishmael Smith, the undrafted rookie out of Wake Forrest.

    Or you got Courtney Lee who is a shooting guard but can play some point.

    Or you can make a trade.

    So what to do?

Kyle Lowry

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    The 4 year man out of Villanova has been the Rockets back up for the past two years. He was thinking about walking at the end of last season when he was a free agent to nab the starting job in Cleveland, but the Rockets matched the Cavs contract and retained him.

    So let's go over what the pros and cons of kyle.


    • Good passer
    • Good ball handler
    • Bowling ball, knows how to get to the rim
    • Hard nosed, hustles every second he's on the court
    • High energy
    • Above average defensive player


    • Poor decision maker
    • Bad jump shooter
    • Takes bad shots
    • Undersized
    • Recovering from his own injury

Ishmael Smith

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    The undrafted rookie out of  Wake Forrest came out of no where and earned a spot on this roster. He's trying to prove Rick Adleman right, he's been starting the last two or three games while Lowry and Brooks have been hurt. He's done a pretty good job. Averaging five points, three assists and a steal per game. Not to bad for a guy who was thrown into the starting lineup after 4 games. Here are the pros and cons.


    • He is FAST
    • Probably the best passer on the team
    • Probably the best ball handler on the team
    • Good defender
    • Young and full of energy
    • Very good at finishing near the rim


    • Inexperienced
    • Very poor shooter
    • Doesn't know the offense as well as Lowry and Brooks
    • Bad free throw shooter
    • Undersized

Courtney Lee

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    Courtney Lee is a third year guy out of Western Kentucky. He stands 6'5" and weighs 200 pounds. Sounds more like a shooting guard right? Well he is a shooting guard, but this past off season he worked really hard on his ball handling and passing skills in attempts to be able, if need be, play point guard. So here are the pros and cons.


    • Athletic
    • Solid ball handler
    • Solid three point shooter
    • Good mid range shooter
    • Very good defender


    • An ok play-maker for a shooting guard, but not compared to a point guard
    • Not a natural point guard
    • Not a great passer
    • Not as fast as the other three

Trade For Chris Paul

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    Ok I know this an extreme long shot, but the NBA is a league of what ifs so why not. Chris Paul is one of the best and in my opinion the best point guard in the NBA. Just an incredible player who has surprised the league with his team, the Hornets managing an undefeated record through eight games. Here is the trade, Aaron Brooks (not sure if you can trade injured players?), Shane Battier, Jarred Jeffries, Jordan Hill and two New York Knicks first round picks and a second round pick for this years draft.


    • He's Chris Paul.
    • Great passer
    • Great defender
    • Great shooter
    • Great playmaker
    • Great at finishing at the basket
    • Go to scorer


    • None

The Best Choice

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    Well the best choice is no doubt a trade for Paul, but if that doesn't happen (which it probably won't). The most realistic and best option in my opinion would to keep the system they got.

    Ish Smith getting the start and directing the offense and then you got the water bug in Kyle Lowry bringing the spark off the bench. I think that's a role Lowry is used to and he would benefit from it.

    Of course I think Lowry would end up getting more minutes than Smith, he would just be coming off the bench.

    Well thanks for reading guys, post a comment below saying whether you agree or disagree. Also if you liked the article go ahead and click the like button for me. 

    Have a good one.