NBA Rumors: Carmelo Anthony, Steve Nash among Players in Recent Trade Talk

Chris Faig@@ULuminaryCorrespondent INovember 14, 2010

NBA Rumors: Carmelo Anthony, Steve Nash among Players in Recent Trade Talk

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    Drew Hallowell/Getty Images

    In what has been a thrilling start to the 2010-11 NBA season, constant trade chatter has surrounded some of the league's premier athletes, such as Steve Nash, Carmelo Anthony and Andre Iguodala.

    Some trade discussions have proven to be completely false, with head coaches disclaiming any credibility of the rumors. On the other hand, there has been serious talk about teams making upgrades, as well as trading expensive players to free up salary cap room.

    Many teams have been anxiously searching for trades to help refine their organizations in the pursuit of an NBA championship.  

    The following slides include the players that have recently been mentioned in trade rumors around the league.

SF Peja Stojakovic, New Orleans Hornets

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    Peja Stojakovic is in the final year of his four-year contract, in which he will earn $15.3 million. It is very likely that Stojakovic will find himself with a new organization by season's end, as he was placed on the inactive list three games ago, where he's stayed ever since.

    Stojakovic told the New Orleans Times-Picayune, "It's obvious I'm not in the plans. I'm real about it. It's just moving on with our career and lives."

    Peja has made his mark as one of the elite shooters in the NBA, but has cooled down in recent years. He's only averaging 10.5 minutes in two games played, so it is expected that Stojakovic's future in New Orleans is limited.

    "It is what it is. I'm a pro, and I'm going to stay a pro," said Stojakovic. "That's as far as I can say. Physically, I feel great. I haven't felt better in the last two or three years. But it's something that we have discussed, and its clear to me that the team has different plans. So I'm just going to be a pro. That doesn't mean I don't respect our coaches or our organization. Or vice versa. We just go from here."

PG Jose Calderon and PG Jarrett Jack, Toronto Raptors

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    The Toronto Raptors attempted to move Jose Calderon to the Charlotte Bobcats this past summer. The trade never happened, but Calderon is now rumored to still be on the trading block along with fellow point guard Jarrett Jack.

    With neither player performing exceptionally well, either one could be traded away. But with Jack earning the starting role, Calderon is more likely to be traded.

PG Steve Nash, Phoenix Suns

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    Steve Nash is one of the best point guards in the NBA, but for some reason, he has been in the headlines regarding trade rumors.  

    As soon as head coach Alvin Gentry got wind of this, he completely shot it down, telling the Phoenix Republic, "Steve's not going to be traded, that I can tell you. If he's getting traded, I'm going along with him, OK? Have you looked at the way he's playing? He's playing at a real high level. Why would we trade him? I don't understand that. That's nothing that's been discussed here."

SF Andre Iguodala, Philadelphia 76ers

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    There have recently been reports that Iguodala demands the 76ers start winning or else he wants to be traded.  But there have also been reports saying that he has no idea where any of these trade rumors are coming from.  

    What's the truth? We really will not know until Iguodala or head coach Doug Collins speak out further about the matter.  

    I don't believe he will be traded, because it seems like the 76ers are one step away from being a great team.

    Iguodala and Evan Turner form a solid duo, and if the Sixers can just get some added help down low alongside Elton Brand, they could be a serious contender in the Eastern Conference.

SF Carmelo Anthony, Denver Nuggets

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    The trade talk surrounding Carmelo Anthony has died down of late, but expect him to either be re-signed or traded in the near future.

    With only one year left in his contract, it would be foolish to not trade Carmelo if he has no intentions of remaining with Denver past the 2010-11 season.

    The front-runners for Carmelo are the Nets and Knicks, although New Jersey has more young talent to offer. With New Jersey struggling early like last season, a move of desperation could be made soon to acquire a playmaker like Carmelo Anthony, something they seem to lack.

    As of right now, it looks like Anthony is content in Denver, but if they don't get a new contract together soon, the 6'8'' small forward will most likely be traded. Keep your eyes on ESPN, because Carmelo Anthony could be coming to your favorite team very soon.