Kevin Love's 31-31 Night: Need More Proof Love Is the Best Rebounder in the NBA?

Matt SmithCorrespondent INovember 13, 2010

Kevin Love, the best in the business...believe it or not.
Kevin Love, the best in the business...believe it or not.Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

Forgive me for stating the obvious, but it needs to be said, Kevin Love is the best rebounder in the Association. Yeah, I said it, best rebounder in the NBA.  

Better than Dwight, Timmy and Pau, or any other player in the game today.  

Show Kevin some love people.

If you didn't watch the game, you probably will think it's a type-o, but it's not, Kevin Love dropped 31 points and mixed in 31 boards last night as the Timberwolves beat the Knicks.  

Who does that?  

Coach Rambis was quoted as saying, "Those numbers are just stupid," and they are. Not since Charles Barkley grabbed over 30 boards over a decade ago has this happened—and to top it off with the 31 points, you have to go back to Moses Malone in the early '80s to match this feat. 

The only reason why any other player may average more rebounds than Love this season would be minutes.  If Kevin gets playing time, he will produce. He is as good a rebounder this league has seen since Dennis Rodman.  I'm not saying he's better than the Worm, but look at the numbers, they don't lie.

In addition to his rebounding prowess, dude can shoot the three-ball too.  He didn't go all Millsap or anything last night, but Love's got range.

Love has a feel for the game that is off the charts, he has good size, but he's not the biggest guy and he's not incredibly athletic, but it's that great feel that sets him apart.

Kevin Love is the first player I have ever, in my life-long love of basketball, tuned in to watch throw outlet passes.  At UCLA like clockwork, Love would throw two-hand chest pass bombs to Russell Westbrook or Darren Collison for layups or dunks, but it was the pass that would be more amazing than the dunks.

If you've ever been to California or the West Coast, you probably know about In-N-Out Burger, they are known for their famous "Double-Double" burger, well somebody needs to hook Kevin up with an endorsement deal cause he is on a steady diet of double-doubles. In fact, the other day in LA, Kevin went for 23 points and 24 rebounds against the defending champion Lakers.

I'm not sure what Coach Rambis is not loving about Kevin's game, but he needs to get his glasses checked because Love is his stud, and along with Michael Beasley—who by the way also dropped 35 last night—Minnesota has two players to build around.

You have to have crazy game, to go for 30 and 30 in this league and do it without explosive athleticism and he added five dimes for good measure.  Keep it up, Kevin, and you will be back in Los Angeles in February for the All-Star game, at least you should be.

Agree or disagree?  Let me know, comment please...