NBA Bench Warmers: 10 Trades That Would Benefit League Quality of Play

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NBA Bench Warmers: 10 Trades That Would Benefit League Quality of Play

Being a fan of the NBA for more than a decade now, I’ve had the pleasure of watching its continued growth from a talent stand point. The pool of talent has never been greater and teams have never been deeper.

The average or uneducated fan of the NBA’s history would probably disagree with my beliefs. However, there is no denying that today’s generation of players are more skilled and arguably more physically gifted.

Especially from a age stand point. In the 80’s players began dominating around the age of 24 and upwards. Today’s athlete are developing at a far faster rate and dominating in as much as four and five years younger than the 80’s.

Due to this early influx of developed talent, coupled with already established veteran stars, the NBA has been bombarded with an enormous talent pool. But there is one draw-back. The talent isn’t equally dispersed throughout the league.

Teams are allowed to stock pile at whatever position they like via trades, free-agency or the NBA draft.

I’ve always wondered why the NBA didn’t control the draft and allowed teams to draft on positional need only. This would provide parity in the league.

Just imagine a NBA where the 30 most talented players at each position started.

Sure would eliminate a majority of fear that most owners have about free agency. It would also eliminate the worry players have about being traded. But the biggest impact would occur with the drafting of players.

No longer would a Evan Turner have to worry about sitting behind a Andre Iguodala and no longer would a Gilbert Arenas have to worry about being switched to a different position because his team was drafting a player at the same position with greater or near ability.

But it’s just a dream, one that would never bare fruit.

Never the less, here’s a rather simpler notion for you folks to enjoy. Here are 10 trades of NBA reserves that would benefit the league from an entertainment value.


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