Halloween Costumes for Athletes: Marshawn Lynch as the Predator and More

Greg Swartz@@CavsGregBRCleveland Cavaliers Lead WriterOctober 31, 2010

Halloween Costumes for Athletes: Marshawn Lynch As the Predator and More

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    It's Halloween and while most of you have already partaken in your festivities, most athletes were no doubt staying in last night, studying playbooks and enjoying some hot chocolate. 

    Right, Braylon?

    But in case some are planning on hitting the streets tonight and still looking for that last-minute costume idea, I've got some suggestions.

Zydrunas Ilgauskas As Lurch

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    Big Z has a couple different options here.  He could go as Frankenstein as well, but what he's best suited for would be Lurch from the Addam's Family.

    Both are tall, thin and desperately needing some time in the sun.  Z just needs to find himself a nice bow tie and practice his saying, "You rang?"

Adam Morrison As the Wolf Man

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    Now I know, Adam has gotten a trim since this picture was taken, but who really believes he can resist growing it back?

    When there's a full moon Adam begins to snarl, growl and emit strange odors from his body.

    And that's just when he's playing Halo.

    Morrison may not be a monster, but he does spend a lot of time on Monster.com, searching for a job.

Delonte West As the Leprechaun

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    The Leprechaun's back in Boston, and apparently already up to some mischief.

    According to reports, Von Wafer was caught trying to steal Delonte's pot of gold, and West wasn't having any of that.

    Most of the players didn't have a problem with it though, but some find it creepy the way West stares at Ray Allen's mom...

Joakim Noah As Pennywise the Clown

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    Noah's draft day smile has been said to send chills down Stephen King's spine.

    So it's only appropriate that Joakim dresses as one of his creations, Pennywise the Clown from King's It.

    As hideous as Pennywise was, comparing the two may actually be an insult to the clown.

Chris Kaman As Igor

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    This is actually a scary resemblance. 

    Kaman, like Igor, is used to playing the sidekick role for the Clippers, be it to Baron Davis, Elton Brand or Dr. Frankenstein.

    Both are pasty white with gangly hair and one would guess that they're breathing volume may even rival that of Darth Vader.

Tyrone Hill As the Alien

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    Little known fact: Hill was actually the stunt double for the Alien Queen in Aliens.

    Seriously, all he needs is a little Sam Cassell head poking out of his mouth and his costume would be complete.

Marshawn Lynch As the Predator

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    He's terrorized Arnold Schwarzenegger, Danny Glover, Adrian Brody and Jesse Ventura.  Now, he's terrorizing Pete Carroll in Seattle.

    The dreads, the wide face, gold teeth and menacing grin all contribute to one of the scariest lookin' dudes in the league. 

    Some would argue that this "Predator" hasn't been much of a weapon since his days at Cal, however.

Sam Cassell As E.T.

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    You knew this was coming.

    While Cassell doesn't actually need a costume on Halloween, he has a few options.

    Gollum, from Lord of the Rings is one choice, but his best bet would be E.T.

    "Sam I Am" once helped lead the Timberwolves to the Western Conference Finals, delighting Minnesota fans nationwide.  Now, he hides in their closets and brings flowers back to life.

Video Recap

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    So that's the list of the best Halloween costumes for athletes this year.  Any I missed?  Please let me know. 

    For a video recap of all eight, including movie sound clips, check out the video, and as always, don't cross the streams.