Thoughts on the NBA Thus Far: Who, What, When and How Things Are Shaking Up

JC 'Truth Serum' Correspondent IOctober 28, 2010

Wow, it has been a long while since my last story. It's good to be back. It's been so long that I feel I have a lot to get out. So I'm just going to offer (or rant) my thoughts on the NBA season and its hottest topics thus far.

First of all, what was that performance from the Jazz versus the Nuggets? That was just awful, even if it was the first game of the season. Still, I believe trading for Al Jefferson was a good move. Change was needed, and if they don't do anything serious this year...well, Deron Williams might start thinking about rocking another uniform.

Speaking of the Jazz, Carlos Boozer: broken hand. I feel sorry for the Bulls. Boozer is already an injury risk on the court, and now he can't even take care of himself off of it. He broke his hand by tripping on a bag? What are you, five? The Bulls have enough talent to get by and stay in the playoff picture for the next two months, but this could hurt them seed wise at the end of the season.

”It ain’t got nothing to do with the new GM, Josh, the players." Carmelo Anthony said. Wait, so it DOES have something to do with the new GM, Josh, and the players?

Carmelo Anthony, I hope you stay in Denver (Glad George Karl is healthy), because you are looking worse than LeBron ever did—although people may not notice. You have the nerve to come out and say you never asked for a trade? Cut the BS dude. Anyway, if you were to leave, the best place for you to land is in Houston. The Rockets are for real, even with Yao playing limited minutes. The Rockets, contrary to popular belief, can offer the best package to the Nuggets. They don't want to take Kevin Martin's fat contract back? Fine, but you won't get a better scorer in return for 'Melo that is that young. The Rockets also have Aaron Brooks to offer, Scola can be dealt (a double-double machine) and they have draft picks to offer, along with cap exceptions if I'm not mistaken. Houston can put together some tempting package offers.

Nice ceremony from the LA Lakers. They also beat a tough team in the opener at home—and Kobe looked just fine if you ask me. The Lakers may be even better than last year. Steve Blake had a couple of nice moments, and Barnes also gives them nice depth. Until further notice, the Lakers have to be the favorites again.

Not that I didn't expect it, but I knew people were going to trip about the Miami Heat losing to Boston. SO WHAT? It was the first game of a very long season. The truth of the matter is that Miami shouldn't even have had a chance in that game towards the end. Wade and Bosh both had bad games relative to their standards. The Heat beat up on Philly, but this team will take time to gel. Still, they have pounded the Magic, the Nets, and the Wolves. Yet the day they get real chemistry and all of the players can play well consistently—then Miami will be the scariest team in the league.

Golden State won't be such a bad team this year. Monte Ellis and Stephen Curry are just such a great backcourt. Sure, they may not offer much on defense, but they are explosive with the ball in their hands. David Lee was a smart addition; he will prove to be worth his contract this season and beyond.

Oklahoma City is rocking, and I think they have a legitimate shot at the No. 2 seed, but Portland is right with them for best young team in the conference. Greg Oden, where art thou?!

The Suns will never be the same again.

Blake Griffin will be the Clippers' savior! They should still move the team.

Charles Barkley needs to shut up. Sometimes he talks too much, and it isn't funny. Voicing your opinion is fine, but sometimes you need to lay off. But hey, he is still the funniest sports "analyst" on TV!

I love that Cleveland beat the Celtics, though. It was just awesome to watch. Props to the Cavaliers.

The Atlantic division is an embarrassment to the league—but I could end up being wrong later.

No, Kevin Durant is not better than Kobe, LeBron or Wade. People have to stop exaggerating about what Durant is. He has not proven anything where it really counts. T-Mac was a great scorer. Vince Carter had great athleticism and hype. But in the end, they proved only to be good players. I think KD will be much more than those two guys, but let's calm down and watch it happen first.

LeBron is the best player in the league, people. Deal with it. He will also be deserving of the MVP this year, but it will probably be gift-wrapped for KD (not that he is not worthy) because of the disdain towards James. I'm just saying.

Shaq will miss plenty of games for the Celtics—THAT you could bet on.

Dwight Howard will finally average over 20 points per game this year. It's about time!

Chris Bosh needs to step it up because Amar'e is looking prettyyy, pretty good right now. And I don't mean in a Knicks uniform. (Curb is the best comedy series ever).

Chris Paul is back, and he will once again establish himself as the best point guard in the league by the time this year is over. He might even sneak the Hornets into the playoffs.

San Antonio, this is your last call: Tim Duncan won't hold up much longer.

All-Star Game lineup predictions: Who cares? Most of it is based on reputation anyway and so are the league awards.

David Stern, what the heck old man? First of all, find a dentist. Second of all, you're ruining the passion and the emotion that has made this league so great. What a stupid rule not to allow players to show true emotion during a game without getting a T. I mean, have you ever played basketball, or any sport for that matter? I'm surprised there isn't a fight every game. And now you want them to stay quiet when BS calls are made by the very imperfect referees? Leave David, just leave.

The NBA won't lose money this year. I refuse to believe that. Not with the Lakers still strong, Boston still going, Bulls being back, OKC being young and exciting and the Miami Heat working free-agency wonders. How could you take away the game next year? That would just be utterly stupid. The owners are complaining about money, and you think having a hard cap and eliminating exceptions like the MLE will help?

I've got a solution: How about just not spending on the MLE if you don't want to? It's like that right now, anyway, and the owners don't have to sign anyone if they don't want to. Oh boo-hoo, you gave a big contract to a bad player and made a mistake. If they make bad financial decisions and give out absurd contracts, that is their problem. Their stupidity will be reflected on their financial statements. But don't punish teams who are trying to build by limiting them on what they can do, when they may be just one acquisition away from contending.

As for the players, they also have to stop being greedy. If the owners want partially guaranteed contracts, well that makes sense, too. Meet in the middle, because millions of dollars will still be made. Don't come saying you're looking out for your family and financial security. You're only looking out for that yacht you want to buy. Spend your money more wisely or become Antoine Walker. Take a finance class if you have too, but the extra sports vehicle is not necessary. Let's get a new CBA done, similar to the one that is in place now, and move on.

A lock out is the last thing the players, and more importantly the fans, want. A lock out is the last thing the NBA needs. Without the fans, the league would not be what it is today. So to the players union and owners: Do us a favor and get it done ASAP.

La Paz!