LeBron James: Well, Since You Asked, Here's What You Should Do

Jim FolsomSenior Analyst IMarch 29, 2017

Jim Rogash/Getty Images

What should I do? LeBron wants to know. Apparently he now cares what the fans think? I guess the poll numbers have him worried. What's the matter? No. 6 Heat jerseys not selling fast enough? Are the boys at Nike not getting fat enough off your name?

Do you really want to know what you should do? OK. Here's a list of what you should do.

1. Apologize to the City of Cleveland, the fans of the Cavaliers, and the people of Ohio for going on National TV and ripping their hearts out in front of the entire sports world. It was the cruelest thing I've "witnessed" in all my years of watching sports.

Of all fans who have suffered enough and did not deserve this, it is Cleveland fans. To have a local hero do it, makes it that much more sinister.

2. Offer to hire or at least relocate any person who lost his/her job near the arena in Cleveland because you bolted. You "decision" did not just affect you.

3. Offer a refund to any fan who bought a No. 23 Cleveland jersey. Hard working people spent anywhere from $50-to-$200 on these jerseys and now they can't wear them without wanting to vomit.

4. Stop playing the race card. Really? A slave? That is an insult to people who actually were slaves. These people were worked to death, beaten, sold, raped and were forced into illiteracy.

You are pampered, paid beyond most of our wildest dreams, and are having sex with hot young women every night, and "work" to you is playing basketball. That's hardly slavery. Tell Jesse Jackson to shut his pie hole. Then proclaim to the world that you are truly the luckiest man on the planet and that God has bestowed you with amazing gifts and you are truly thankful.

5. Sign autographs until your hand cramps up and then switch hands. Nobody in sports needs good will as much as you do.

There. That should get you started.