2010 NBA Season Preview: 5 Reasons Why Miami Heat Will Lose Just Two Games

Sam BlumCorrespondent IOctober 26, 2010

2010 NBA Season Preview: 5 Reasons Why Miami Heat Will Lose Just Two Games

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    Although most NBA experts are calling for the Los Angeles Lakers to repeat as NBA champs, there is another not-so subtle team to look out for.

    You probably guessed it, the Miami Heat.

    Nobody doubts the talent of a team with LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh, but many doubt their ability to play as a team. Well the fact is they shouldn't. These are three of the best players in the NBA, and they all came together for one reason, to win a championship. Their goal is not to be the highest scorer. Their goal is to win. This is essentially an All-Star team, and you can bet that they will win every night.  

5. The Bench

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    True, most people this year will be associating the Heat with the Big Three, but don't forget about the other powerful players that the Heat can put on the court every night.

    Juwan Howard, Udonis Haslem and Zydrunas Ilgauskas are all seasoned veterans, who can provide a sense of stability to a team that has a lot of hype surrounding it constantly. Ilgauskas and LeBron are former teammates in Cleveland, which will bring some familiarity. These players will compliment some of the younger talent they have in Dexter Pittman and Mario Chalmers. 

4. The Expectations

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    High expectations can be bad for some people, but you have to believe these superstar athletes will thrive on it. Many expect them to win a championship, and this is a situation all of them want to be in.

    The Big Three came together to win a championship, and will settle for nothing less. The expectations of their fans and of their haters will likely fuel them to only do better.

    Every night on the road they will play in a packed house with people booing the hell out of them. There is no greater motivation than to prove you are worth the boos. There will never be an off night for this team, they must stay sharp. 

3. The Opponents

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    This is not the Western Conference. True, there are some good teams in the East, but nothing that holds a candle to what the West brings.

    Their toughest competition will be from the Celtics, who, although have a lot of successful experience, they are an aging team, and don't pose that great a threat to this Heat team. The Orlando Magic are also going to be a good team this year, but they just don't have the same talent as the Heat to compete against them in a best of seven series.

    Other power teams like Cleveland and Detroit have faded recently, while the Knicks and Bulls have added talent. On any given night, there is no guarantee that something will happen, but a Heat loss is very unlikely against any Eastern Conference team. 

2. The Goal

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    Many critics worry that the Heat will fail because there are three superstars all on one team. This makes no sense.

    They are not on this team to be superstars. They are on this team to do everything they can to win a championship, and they want nothing to stand in the way of a championship season.

    They will all learn their roles quickly, and once they establish the winning culture, the wins will keep on coming. These players will accept their roles in exchange for success. LeBron, although a great scorer, is also a great passer and teammate, although that is usually overlooked when he scores 30 points a night. 

1. The Big Three

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    The talent is off the charts amazing. They are amazing basketball players, but also amazing athletes. Whatever role anyone of them takes to the team, they will do with ease, and will do it better than anyone else in the league.

    There will always be someone capable of scoring every possession, and when one doesn't have a shot, another will. They are all clutch, and will all make baskets no matter how good the defense.

    They will all start in the All-Star game, and no team will be able to create a defense that quiets all three players on any night. Any one of these players can come out and score 40.