Dallas Mavericks Superheroes, Vol. 2: The Big German, JKidd And Select Recruits

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Dallas Mavericks Superheroes, Vol. 2: The Big German, JKidd And Select Recruits

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    In the first edition of the Mavs Superheroes, I gave an overview of the main support group of the Dallas Mavericks. And the special basketball powers they posses were identified. The players reviewed had all achieved superhero status. They were,

    The Matrix, aka Shawn Marion

    Big Wood, aka Brenden Haywood

    The Jet, aka Jason Terry

    Buckets, aka Rodrigue Beaubois

    Tough Juice, aka Caron Butler

    In this second edition, we have some recruits and the leaders of the group. Let's take a look....

The Big German, AKA Player Of The Game, AKA Swish41, AKA MVP?

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    The Big German has incredible Superhero powers. As I mentioned in the previous issue, he has a basketball aura that surrounds him while he's on the court. Like the sixth sense of basketball.

    He also has the power of incredible balance and hand-eye coordination. The 7'0'' power forward has guard-like handles, moves and shooting touch.

    The German will need to increase overall versatility to help these superheroes overcome the evil empires of the East and West. His threes, assists and defensive stats could use a boost.

    Even so, 41 sets the standard as he fights the good fight for for the citizens of the Metroplex.


    ( A secret formula was used to quantify the design of the codename Swish41... 41  or Swish may be used for short....)


    Alias - Dirk Nowitzki

    Status - Swish is a leader of the Mavs Superheroes

    2010 Playoff Stats - .547 FG%, .571 3P%, .952 FT%, 26.7 points, 8.2 rebounds.

JKidd, AKA The Madd Scientist Of Basketball

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    You can almost see the excess basketball IQ radiating from JKidd's bald head.

    Along with his Einstein-like BBIQ, JKidd has the power of extraordinary vision, instincts, passing ability and clutch big play timing.

    And this 38(correction, 37) year old still brings the do-it-all mentality every night.

    The Mad Scientist of Basketball is co-leader of the Mavs Superheroes.

    (The alias, The Mad Scientist of Basketball, has been considered for JKidd.)



    Alias - Jason Kidd

    Career stat - 105 triple doubles

    2009-10 Regular season - .425 3P%,

Tyson Chandler (Shown In Disguise)

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    The picture at the left sums up the past two years for Chandler. He's been injured for a good part of those two years.

    But a now healthy, 7'1" Tyson Chandler is aiming high this season. He could be the next member of the Mavs Superheroes as he shows his powers of extreme athleticism and speed for a man of his size.

    His blocks and alley-oop dunks should energize the Mavs.


    Alias - none known

    Status - Dallas Maverick

Explosar, AKA JJ, AKA The Puerto Rican

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    JJ has a hurried approach that creates a new dynamic in the halfcourt.

    The Puerto Rican is a valuable long time recruit.

    JJ has the powers of speed and an all-around offensive game. He is a shooter, passer and penetrator. 

    But the Spanish name Explosar defines his greatest power. A "spark" that ignites the rest of the team.

    It will be difficult for JJ to rise in the ranks with superhero guards JKidd, Jet and Buckets getting most of the opportunities.

    But Explosar could raise his status in some individual games this season.

    (The codename Explosar was scientifically generated using an English-to-Spanish dictionary.)





    Alias - Jose Juan Barea

    Origin - Puerto Rico

    Status - Dallas Maverick


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    Here I am!

    That's the kind of power Dominique Jones brings to the table.

    He was given the name DoJo. I'd look for this kid to earn a better one.

    But this rookie recruit is in a new environment. He'll need to take advantage of all his powers to be considered a superhero.

    Specifically, DoJo has the powers of quickness, tenacity and youth to go along with great strength and length. He brings ruggedness and a high intensity style of game to the Mavs guard positions.

    Defense and transition are his strengths. Along with above average ball handling, and the ability to create, drive and draw fouls.

    Free throws and threes will need improvement for Jones to jump to new heights. If there's improvement, he'll hit the ground runnin'.


    Status - Rookie

The Hammer... (Shown In Disguise)

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    Most of you probably don't recognize the man to the left. 

    Without his Mavs uniform, he could be confused with an extremely tall regular Joe. But this is no regular Joe.

    Ian Mahinmi is a member of The French Connection. And Ian Mahinmi is The Hammer.

    The Hammer is a newcomer and it could take a lot of unusual circumstances for him to be given the chance to make his ascent.

    But this 6'11" baller has a long list of powers that could help the Mavs Superheroes achieve their ultimate goal. 

    The Hammer has the power of youth. He brings an unmatched energy to the front court. 

    He also possesses the powers of strength, height and length. And considering his size, The Hammer has uncommon speed.

    He could be compared to Mjollnir, the magic hammer, in that he has the essence of lightning in a bottle. And with that lightning comes The Hammer's thunder.

    When he goes in, "stuff" happens fast.

    But although he has a high shooting percentage, he's not a shooter. And although he's a good passer and rebounder, he doesn't have a great handle yet.

    Taz is highly opportunistic, yet his opportunities might be limited.

    ( The Hammer has recently been given the alternate alias of "Taz", The Tasmanian Devil, by The Matrix.)


    Status - optimistic 

More To Come...

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    After the season begins, the Mavs Superheroes articles will become more about the top-performing superheroes. 

    The scope will likely be smaller with more emphasis on players who have used their powers to the fullest. These superheroes will receive front page style attention and the stories will likely be based on stats and game changing play.

    But until then we've got a few more players to introduce. These guys won't likely be given enough burn to reach the headlines. But there will still be moments when they are needed.

    The 6'5" guard, DeShawn Stevenson, is a seasoned pro and a highly effective defender.

    Youngster Alexis Ajinca is another seven footer to add to the Mavs mix. Though he won't likely play much, his ceiling is still high.

    Steve Novak is a 6'10" three-point threat.

    Forward Brian Cardinal brings energy and effort on both ends of the floor.

    Thanks for reading. I hope to continue the stories through next summer.

    Yall come back now...