LeBron James Miami Heat: Video Highlights Prove Why the Heat Will Be Unstoppable

Erik LandauCorrespondent IOctober 21, 2010

LeBron James Miami Heat: Video Highlights Prove Why the Heat Will Be Unstoppable

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    Everyone, it seems, is either on the Heat bandwagon or wants to snipe the team from existence. With the love-hate relationship that is evolving, I wanted to focus in on the love aspect of this relationship.

    Not just talk, but video evidence shows the Heat will be fun to take in this season. That means endless waves of Chris Bosh, Dwyane Wade and LeBron James putting a hurting on the league. Whether in the northern area of Toronto, southern beaches of Miami or Midwest moves of Cleveland, these three showed elite talent in prior years.

    Now teamed together, there is no stopping them, as long as they stay healthy of course. These 10 videos are merely part of what makes this team so devastating no matter who you put alongside them. Forget the teammates for right now, just focus on the video of what makes these guys so special.

10. Dwyane Wade Top Blocks

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    We all know this trio can score, but we sometimes forget their ability to play defense is also prevalent throughout the game. Here in particular we can focus in on the blocking aspect of the game.

    Even though Wade is only 6'4'', he can still throw back rejections like a veteran seven footer. The force he conducts on his swats is surprising, but he is actually physically imposing given his size.

9. LeBron James Top 10 Blocks

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    How about we continue the block party? Although Chris Bosh will play the big man role on this team, LeBron is the big man when it comes to making blocks. His leaping ability, strength and never-quit attitude have lead to plenty of big time blocks by James. You even get a little of LeBron showing Bosh who's boss in this clip. Just more of the athletic beast, LeBron James.

8. Chris Bosh Doin' Work

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    Keeping it simple and to the point, here's Bosh just owning other players. Making a name for himself as a perennial All-Star to be. I almost had to eliminate this video based on the background music from Hurricane's Ay Bay Bay. Bosh's play, however, prevailed over the tune, and it comes out with his success. The No. 1 play is deservedly in its correct place for his hunger in playing both sides of the ball.

7. Dwyane Wade Throwdown

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    This play was just so dirty, I had to give it a slide of its own. Varejao kicking his heels up in the air after getting thrown down on had to cap off the dunk.

    His future teammate LeBron James is denied, and then Wade gives the finish of accomplishment on his behalf. Mr. Michael Jordan was in attendance that night and that had to definitely bring some type of thrill to Wade. One can only wonder if Varejao has nightmares of Wade's ferocious stuff still.

6. Chris Bosh Heat Workout

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    Chris Bosh, you've just signed a contract that will keep you set for the rest of your life, what do you want to do? Work my butt off would probably be his answer if you were following this video.

    I'll admit that Bosh doesn't look too impressive on the bench press, but nonetheless he's in there working hard to match the competitive fire of his teammates. With all the focus on Wade and James, it might be Bosh's play that becomes extremely vital to this team.

5. LeBron James Top 10 Dunks

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    This is something that could become common in South Beach this year. With LeBron trying to create other dunks to replace those on this list. The power and quickness which he tears the rim down with is a sight to behold. No. 4 and No. 1 on this list are just images that are burned in my mind. I still laugh every time I see Damon Jones touch his face in agony.

4. LeBron James Top 10 Playoff Plays

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    LeBron may have won a regular season MVP, but he has also been a force in the playoffs. The ring has yet to come so far in his career. That has not stopped him from having some memorable showings in May and June. His destruction of the Wizards team might be the most consistent thrashing in his playoff past. Baseline game winners are not something we as fans were accustomed to until James came into the fold.

3. Dwyane Wade Top 10 Playoff Plays

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    The playoffs are when it all ends up mattering. Dwyane Wade understands that. He understands a steal can lead to a huge momentum swing in a series, a dunk or assist can leave the defense questioning their own play and a clutch jumper can lead the opposition astray. Wade has done all these as is shown by the video.

2. LeBron James Versus Pistons

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    I remember watching this game and feeling like this was the showing that put him into the elite status of not only current players, but best playoff performers of all time. The 48 points against the Pistons in Game 5 of the Eastern Conference Finals, in which he went off in the fourth quarter, reminded me of Bernard King. Of the exploits of Magic Johnson and the killings of Larry Bird. He did what was needed here and took a depleted Cavaliers team to the NBA Finals.

1. Dwyane Wade Finals MVP

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    Wade was pretty ridiculous in this series once it came to Miami. Down to 2-0 in the series, he came alive and reinvigorated a team that was on the verge of going down 3-0 in the series. His clutch play and tireless work ethic brought the Heat to their first NBA title. If he gets another Finals appearance, who is to say he doesn't shine like this again.