Carmelo Anthony: 10 Reasons Why The Philadelphia 76ers Need To Sign Him ASAP

Michael FoglianoAnalyst IOctober 21, 2010

Carmelo Anthony: 10 Reasons Why The Philadelphia 76ers Need To Sign Him ASAP

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    Hey, Philadelphia 76ers!

    Carmelo Anthony has been on the trading block, and guess what?

    He's not here yet.

    This is a problem that must be solved.

    There are too many good reasons to sign the All-Star small forward, that cannot possibly be ignored.

    The Sixers franchise has been in the dumps for almost a decade now.

    The Sixers last championship was during the 1982-83 season.

    That's almost 30 years.

    We need change.

    The city deserves better than what it's given, so give it to them!

    Let's get started on how we need to sign Anthony ASAP.

10. We Have the Right Trade Assets

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    To start off, we have the right trade assets.

    The Sixers have many different players that they could trade such as Evan Turner, Jason Kapono, Marreese Speights, Thaddeus Young, and others (I would prefer to keep Andre Iguodala).

    The Denver Nuggets two main targets are definitely Turner or Iguodala.

    We'd give up Turner, Speights, and Kapono and Young for Anthony. 

    The Nuggets are receiving expiring contracts in this deal along with Turner.

    It makes sense for both teams and the salaries work out too.  

    The trade bait is right there, so why aren't we proposing it?



9. Mentor To The Younger Players

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    This Philadelphia squad is very young and talented.

    After receiving a new, experienced coach, the addition of Anthony would make it even better for our younger players.

    Playing next to a superstar is a rookie's dream.

    An experienced player like Anthony could teach many things to younger player like Jrue Holiday, Jodie Meeks, Thaddeus Young, and other young guys.

    They'd be learning from one of the best in the game today.

    Melo would teach the little things like intangibles and set an example for the youth.

    This would be a great opportunity for the youngsters.  


8. Spreads the Defense of Opposing Teams

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    For once, teams will have to focus on someone else on our team besides Iguodala.

    With Melo on the court, the defense will always be centered on him.

    However, this allows players to take advantage of the open lane they are given.

    In addition, this would also provide Holiday with more options on the court.

    When Anthony is being double covered, Iggy will find a way to get open on the outside or Elton Brand and Spencer Hawes will be the low-post presence.   

7. Allen Iverson Could Come Back

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    You know you want him back, and if you don't, do not tell me he's lost all of his talent because it's still there.

    The new acquisition of Anthony would definitely trigger Iverson to come back to Philly for at least one more year.

    The duo of Anthony and Iverson would be great, and I think, would be very successful and fun for the fans to watch.

    Iverson wouldn't start, but he'd be our most important bench player, a sixth man role. He would be another weapon for the defense to watch out for.

    The fear of both shooters would open up the lanes, since defense would be forced to guard the perimeter.

    Not only would Anthony attract Iverson coming to Philly, but possibly other players too.

    Why pass on this?

    The more superstars the better.

6. Andre Iguodala Will Be Much More Effective

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    Andre Iguodala cannot be the best player on a team if they want to win a championship.

    It's fact.

    Finally, he could focus on being the perfect complementary player that he was meant to be, working off the ball and being a sidekick.

    While playing on Team USA, we all witnessed Iguodala play great as the sidekick to Kevin Durant.

    He would do the same thing if he played next to Anthony.

    Iggy's potential as a complementary is truly unbelievable and it's not recognized by most NBA fans.

    In my opinion, he'd be another version of Scottie Pippen.

    So think of it this way:

    Carmelo Anthony and another version of Scottie Pippen playing next to each other.

    That sounds pretty good to me.


5. Attract More Fans

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    The players take the court and look around for their fans until they realize the arena is half empty.

    However the night they face the Lakers or the Celtics, they see the Philadelphia fans, but they wonder whether they are there to see them or the other team.

    Don't expect all of the home games result like the home opener, considering they play the Heat. 

    For the first time in a long time, the Sixers would have fans attend the game who are actually there to see them instead of the superstar on the opposing team.

    With Anthony taking foot on the hardwood at the Wells Fargo Center, expect ticket sales to go through the roof and don't expect the arena to be half empty anymore.

    If the Sixers acquire Anthony, the Sixers fan base will shoot up as high as it was when they went to the Finals in 2001.


4. We Haven't Had an All-Star Scorer Since Allen Iverson

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    Ever since Iverson left, we haven't been good because we don't have an absolute scorer.

    For a while now, Iguodala has been our top scorer. The most points he's averaged in a season was 19.9.

    We need more production than that from a top scorer on a team.

    Anthony would guarantee over 25 points every game.

    Last season, the 76ers were rated the eighth worst offense, producing 97.7 points per game.

    This has became the usual in Philadelphia.

    With Anthony involved, our offense could easily be ranked in the top 15.



3. He Would Make the Players Around Him Better

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    With Anthony in town, the other players on the team will have to step up their game to play along side Melo.

    They would be forced to step up their game to keep up with Anthony.

    The young players would set goals for themselves and would be much improved. They would strive to more than what they are capable of. 

    The new addition of Anthony will make them say, "I want to be like you."

    This adds motivation to the team too.



2. Make the Playoffs

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    Not only would we make the playoffs, but we would give other teams a run for their money too.

    Over the past couple years, the Sixers have always been a borderline eight seed.

    Usually, they miss the cut and are once again left sitting on their couch during playoff season.

    The team has not had the feeling of being a winner or the feeling of even making the playoffs for quite a while. 

    The east is a powerhouse conference with teams such as the Heat, Bulls, Celtics, Magic, Hawks, and Bucks.

    If Anthony comes to Philly, you can add the 76ers to that list.


1. We'd Be a Better Team for Years to Come

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    Assuming he signs the extension, the Sixers would be a very good team in the future too.

    Like I stated earlier, the Sixers squad is a young lineup with a ton of potential.

    After a few years, they would develop great chemistry and have a lot of experience. 

    By then, they'd probably been through ups and downs in the playoffs. Therefore, they would know what it's like to be on both ends of the stick.

    A young and experienced team is the most a franchise could ask for.

    As seen throughout the slide show, there are so many great outcomes if we sign Anthony that benefit the Sixers now and for the near future. 

    So I ask you, Philadelphia 76ers, why won't you sign Carmelo Anthony?