2010-2011 NBA Season Preview: Milwaukee Bucks

Zach HerringCorrespondent IIOctober 18, 2010

Andrew Bogut is the key to the Bucks success.
Andrew Bogut is the key to the Bucks success.Mike Zarrilli/Getty Images

We’re all waiting around to see how the Bucks additions will improve the team. 

This summer the Bucks GM John Hammonds added Corey Maggette, Drew Gooden, Chris Douglas-Roberts, and Jon Brockman. He also resigned John Salmons, best move of them all.

Corey Maggette will have a big effect on the team because he gets to the free throw line a lot.

Gooden will also have a big effect because the Bucks had to play undersized Ilyasova at the power forward position last season.

CDR will have a good effect on the Bucks. He will provide the team with some scoring, a little rebounding, and I also hear he is really funny.  You can't have enough chemistry guys like that in the locker room. 

Now to Jon Brockman. Wow, I don’t see why everyone thought he was such a great acquisition. His numbers last year were not good and I also hear he is injury prone. I guess he will have to prove me wrong.

Now to the returning players, (most of the roster) with help the Hammonds brought in, the Bucks are looking really good this year.

Bogut is recovering quickly, as I have read, and should be ready for the season opener. That is definitely great news, because a healthy Bogut means a deeper run in the playoffs. Any Bucks fan who watched the Hawks vs. Bucks series knows that if Bogut were healthy, the Bucks would have won the series.

Brandon Jennings started his rookie season off really impressively. Then everyone claimed he hit the “Rookie Wall.” I say, Jennings started off WAY better than most rookies do, and then settled down to the level that most rookies are at. If he would have played like he did from December till April, all year, then nobody would say he hit the Rookie Wall.

Brandon faces new challenges at the opposing point guard position.

Newcomer to the East, John Wall, will be a player to watch against Jennings. They both are high energy players and played each other in the preseason. Wall had the better personal performance, but Jennings got the win. And anyone who knows Jennings knows that he only cares about winning. He has said it over and over, “I don’t focus of personal stats, as long as my team wins, that’s all that matters.”

Jennings also has Rose and Collison to watch out for in his divison.

Salmons should be healthy by the beginning of the season. He was a huge part last season and will also be a huge part this season. At the end of the season he was the go to guy. During the playoffs he didn’t show the same shooting percentage. So if he can keep a consist shot into the playoffs, he could help the Bucks make a farther run.

The Bucks Rookies: Larry Sanders and Darington Hobson.

Darington Hobson underwent surgery on his hip and will later have surgery on his other hip and will miss the entire season.
He won’t have much effect on the Bucks this season… Unless he is a good cheerleader. Darington is a good guy though, hopes he recovers well so he can get back on the court.

Larry Sanders will have an effect on the Bucks this season. He for sure will host a lot of block parties. He averaged 2.6 blocks his junior year at VCU. Sanders is 6’10 but can knock down mid-range jumpers and even three pointers. As we saw in Summer League and in the preseason. Sanders also will provide rebounding.

Overall as a team, the Bucks are looking at winning the Central Division, there only competition being the Chicago Bulls. As playoffs go, the Bucks should be anywhere from the 3rd to 5th seed in the East. I am thinking that they will be the 4th seed. But like I said anywhere from 3rd to 5th.

They should…

Get 50 Wins.

Have an all-star or two.

Make a good playoff run.

Have a great fan base.

The NBA should…