The NBA's Top 25 Players and Their Historical Counterparts

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The NBA's Top 25 Players and Their Historical Counterparts

There’s a phrase that goes something like nothing new really exists under the sun. Anything we think is original, really has been done before. The same theory could be applied to the NBA. There are great players today who standout, who we regard as superstars, players who will be in the Hall of Fame.

But, are any of them truly originals? Or, do they possess and display traits to historical counterparts?

The answer is most definitely yes. There isn’t a player today that, at least in some way, doesn’t resemble a past legend. In fact, some players, like the Los Angeles Lakers’ Kobe Bryant, even go so far as to study the moves and tendencies of past players. He then integrates the move into his arsenal.

Other players might not mimic but are simply copies of past legends. Some only display brief flashes of an old player. Others, are simply poor copies, cheap knockoffs of historical counterparts that were the real, better thing.

With this being said, let’s take today’s top 25 NBA players and compare them to their historical counterparts.

Some players might resemble more than one past legend, but we’ll have to narrow it down to the past great the current player most reminds everyone of. And, one past great might be seen in multiple players today. We won’t limit it that way, either.

Lastly, we’ll also look for anything that resembles a past counterpart. Maybe it’s their entire game. Or, the way they come up big for big games. We won’t limit it to strictly a position-by-position comparison, either. While it will mostly work that way, in some cases, it might not. Lastly, while it will mostly be their play and moves on the court, we won’t throw out a look-a-like comparison. 

And, remember this is subjective, both the top 25 and especially who they compare to in the past. There are multiple ways this could go. The list is solid but a player or two could flip flop in spots or an aging player could be removed in place of an up and comer for our top 25.

You’ll have to let me know if you agree or disagree with today’s top players. And, I want to know if you think there is a better player from the past the current one compares to.

So, here are the Top 25 NBA players and their historical counterparts:

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