2010 Fantasy Basketball Draft: The Top 200, Part 2

Daniel ShirleyContributor IOctober 17, 2010

LOS ANGELES, CA - APRIL 27:  Kobe Bryant #24 of the Los Angeles Lakers stands next to Kevin Durant #35 of the Oklahoma City Thunder during Game Two of the Western Conference Quarterfinals of the 2010 NBA Playoffs at Staples Center on April 27, 2010 in Los Angeles, California.  (Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)
Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Yesterday I posted the bottom half of my Top 200 and today is the Top 100. You’ll see right off the bat one of the biggest differences between my rankings and Will’s if you look at the top 5. For more on my ranking of Lebron check out this article. There are notes on other players at the end. Again, if I missed someone or something, bring it up in a comment below.

  1. Kevin Durant, OKC SF
  2. Chris Paul, NO PG
  3. Dwyane Wade, Mia SG
  4. Dirk Nowitzki, Dal PF
  5. Lebron James, Mia SF
  6. Kobe Bryant, LAL SG
  7. Danny Granger, Ind SF
  8. Deron Williams, Uta PG
  9. Dwight Howard, Orl C
  10. Pau Gasol, LAL PF, C
  11. Steve Nash, Pho PG
  12. Jason Kidd, Dal PG
  13. Stephen Curry, GS PG, SG
  14. David Lee, GS PF, C
  15. Amare Stoudemire, NY C, PF
  16. Brook Lopez, NJ C
  17. Carmelo Anthony, Den SF
  18. Rajon Rondo, Bos PG
  19. Andre Iguodala, Phi SG, SF
  20. Chauncey Billups, Den PG
  21. Gerald Wallace, Cha SF, PF
  22. Derrick Rose, Chi PG
  23. Monta Ellis, GS PG, SG
  24. Brandon Roy, Por SG, SF
  25. Chris Bosh, Mia PF, C
  26. Josh Smith, Atl PF, SF
  27. Al Jefferson, Uta C, PF
  28. Joe Johnson, Atl SG, SF
  29. Paul Pierce, Bos SF, SG
  30. Tyreke Evans, Sac PG, SG
  31. Tim Duncan, SA C, PF
  32. David West, NO PF
  33. Al Horford, Atl C, PF
  34. Troy Murphy, NJ PF, C
  35. Aaron Brooks, Hou PG
  36. Russell Westbrook, OKC PG
  37. Darren Collison, Ind PG
  38. Andrea Bargnani, Tor C, PF
  39. Devin Harris, NJ PG
  40. Rudy Gay, Mem SF
  41. Stephen Jackson, Cha SG, SF
  42. OJ Mayo, Mem SG
  43. Baron Davis, LAC PG
  44. Jason Richardson, Pho SG
  45. Joakim Noah, Chi C, PF
  46. Zach Randolph, Mem PF
  47. Mo Williams, Cle PG
  48. Danilo Gallinari, NY SF, PF
  49. Marc Gasol, Mem C
  50. Antawn Jamison, Cle PF
  51. Raymond Felton, NY PG
  52. Gilbert Arenas, Was PG
  53. Marcus Camby, Por C, PF
  54. Jeff Green, OKC PF, SF
  55. Rashard Lewis, Orl PF, SF
  56. Brandon Jennings, Mil PG
  57. John Wall, Was PG
  58. Manu Ginobli, SA SG
  59. Nene, Den C, PF
  60. Kevin Love, Min PF
  61. Andray Blatche, Was PF, C
  62. Paul Millsap, Uta PF
  63. Michael Beasley, Min SF, PF
  64. Luis Scola, Hou PF, C
  65. Eric Gordon, LAC SG
  66. Lamarcus Aldridge, Por PF
  67. Hedo Turkoglu, Pho SF
  68. Anthony Randolph, NY PF, C
  69. Andrew Bogut, Mil C
  70. Jrue Holiday, Phi PG
  71. Trevor Ariza, NO SF, SG
  72. Caron Butler, Dal SG, SF
  73. Ray Allen, Bos SG
  74. Chris Kaman, LAC C
  75. Kevin Garnett, Bos PF
  76. Tony Parker, SA PG
  77. Kevin Martin, Hou SG
  78. Jason Terry, Dal SG
  79. Vince Carter, Orl SG, SF
  80. Jamal Crawford, Atl SG, PG
  81. Luol Deng, Chi SF
  82. Marcus Thornton, NO SG
  83. Roy Hibbert, Ind C
  84. Andrew Bynum, LAL C
  85. Lamar Odom, LAL PF, SF
  86. Blake Griffin, LAC PF
  87. Leandro Barbosa, Tor SG
  88. John Salmons, Min SG, SF
  89. Samuel Dalembert, Sac C
  90. Andre Miller, Por PG
  91. Emeka Okofor, Nor C
  92. Mike Miller, Mia SF, SG
  93. Andrei Kirilenko, Uta SF, PF
  94. Mike Conley, Mem PG
  95. Rodney Stuckey, Det PG, SG
  96. Al Harrington, Den PF
  97. Boris Diaw, Cha PF, SF
  98. Terrence Williams, NJ SF, SG
  99. JR Smith, Den SG, SF
  100. Ben Gordon, Det SG

13. Stephen Curry- Curry has been going top 10 in a lot of drafts this year. There’s nothing to dislike about how he plays. I’d love to see him in a Celtics uniform, but from a strictly fantasy perspective I think he’s overvalued.

He’s very good and only getting better, but I can’t justify taking him in front of Howard, Gasol, Nash or Kidd as many owners have been. I see him as a very good 2nd round pick. If you take him late in the 1st round, you’ve passed on some better options. The fantasy roundtable will be discussing him this week. We’ll have our sides of the debate here, and the whole roundtable will be hosted by Give Me the Rock this week. You can find a link to Give Me the Rock on our blogroll.

15. Amare Stoudemire- Amare might be second only to Lebron when you take into account his size and athleticism. The man was just made to play basketball. Everybody’s talking about him being reunited with D’Antoni in New York. There’s a reason for that: It’s a big deal. Amare’s athleticism and style of play fit perfectly in D’Antoni’s system. I like the way he fits with the team around him, too. Sure, the Knicks aren’t contenders, but I don’t think wins are a fantasy category. If they are in your league, rethink your life.

22. Derrick Rose- Another one of the most fun players to watch in the league (Rondo is #1). He’s steadily improved since his rookie debut. His mix of speed and vision translate into success from the point guard position. Not to mention his ability to drive and finish. The Bulls are steadily maturing and improving as a team. Rose will lead the way for this team with an increase in points scored. His assists should see a decent gain, too. When Boozer is healthy again, Rose’s stock will only improve.

24. Chris Bosh- By far the least talked about of the Miami Thrice. Comparable to being the least notable Kardashian: Maybe the others are talked about more, but we’re still sick of hearing about you. That said, he deserves some analysis.

Will he open up things for Wade and Lebron or will the dynamic work out the opposite way? Both.

I think you’ll see an increase in assists for Bosh and a slight decrease in points. Rebounds will stay about the same. He could be a bit of a sleeper even at the 24 spot. Obviously, any kind of injury to Wade or James makes Bosh instantly double in value. Just make sure the hype around the Miami Thrice doesn’t induce you to reach on Bosh.

63. Michael Beasley- The Timberwolves are going to be one of the most fun teams to watch in the league this year. I think this is the perfect fit for Beasley. No one would call Dwyane Wade a “ball hog”, but I think Beasley had a hard time finding himself on a team that was so clearly Wade’s. If you watched the Heat at all, you could see how passive Beasley played on offense.

This young team in Minnesota should reignite the talent we all saw at Kansas State. With a team full of young guys still trying to find its identity, I think Beasley finally feels free to step up and take charge. You’ll see a pretty substantial increase in points and at least a slight increase across the board. If you’re able to get him 63rd overall, it could turn out to be one of the best values of your draft.

84. Andrew Bynum- Bynum’s summary looks much like that I wrote for Yao Ming in Part One of my rankings. The Lakers should look to limit his minutes from the beginning of the season in order to maintain his health for the length of the year.

Still, he’s young, so that limit will significantly higher than Yao’s. Bynum is a very important part of the equation for the Lakers, but don’t let that push you to go get him too early. He’s big and talented and he plays on a top team, but the emphasis on quality over quantity with him will be duplicated in his stats. He’ll give your team consistent numbers, but he won’t be setting the world on fire.

Let me hear your thoughts on all of these rankings. I love to hear feedback, positive or negative.

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