Evan Turner: How Early Can Philadelphia 76ers Fans Panic?

Bennett SnyderContributor IOctober 16, 2010

Apparently, the Panic Button has been hit here in Philly about Evan Turner. Some of the writers who frequent Daily News Live have been skeptical about Turner so far. There have been a few rumors that Doug Collins doesn't like him that much. People are wondering how he and Iguodala are going to coexist.

Probably the worst of the worst is when Bill Simmons, in his recent article, compared him to Adam Morrison. That might be the worst insult anyone can give a rookie.

"Man, I wish we got Wall instead."

Needless to say, the common Sixers fan is ready to push the Panic Button on Evan Turner. The Sixers and Turner's preseason play have backed up these rumblings. He is shooting only 30% from the field, averaging only 10 PPG, 3.6 APG and 2.8 turnovers per game.

"We should have taken Cousins."

Cousins has been dominating down in Sacramento, while Turner is struggling in Philly. Philadelphia is notoriously tough on their athletes too. We aren't pessimistic, just cautiously optimistic.

"He can't shoot, and he's not athletic enough."

Here is why I am not ready to panic yet. Last year in the first month of the season, Jrue Holiday was coming off the bench while Ty Lawson was filling up some stat sheets in the up-tempo Nuggets system, and people began wondering why we didn't take Lawson, who was proven, instead of Jrue, who was raw talent.

Now Holiday is our most valuable commodity, perhaps the only player the 76ers wouldn't trade, unless they were offered something amazing.

"Why did we take Turner when we have Iggy and no center?"

It is tough to come to a new team as rookie, especially a bad team, and fit right in. Unless you are ball-dominant, like a Tyreke Evans, even good rookies don't explode on the scene right away.

It is also tough when the teams supposed best player plays basically the same position as you. When ET gels with Holiday, the Sixers will have a real future.

The main reason why it is too early to give up Turner is that he is tough. While other players miss half an NBA season with an inner ear infection (Hansbrough), or cry on the court (Morrison), this man broke his back, yet returned within a few weeks. He came back and carried his team to a 2-seed in the NCAA tournament, and clearly was their only true prospect.

Toughness cannot be taught. A consistent jump shot and chemistry can. Other Sixers fans are ready to panic, and have been saying negative things like the quotes above, but not me.

I don't expect Turner to win Rookie of the Year, but i expect ET and Jrue to be leading this team into the future by the end of the year. As a Sixers fan, it's our only hope to get out of the basement, and throw away the Panic Button.