NBA Power Rankings: The 10 Most Out-of-Shape NBA Players

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NBA Power Rankings: The 10 Most Out-of-Shape NBA Players
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Out-of-shape NBA players—it almost sounds like an oxymoron in a league which is mostly populated with lean, athletic machines. 

However, with size at a premium in the league, a handful of big bodies can occasionally find themselves a roster spot. 

History effectively serves to illustrate the truth in this, as over-sized men such as Jerome James, Robert Traylor, Mike Sweetney, and most of all, Oliver Miller, found themselves trudging up and down NBA courts in the recent past.

Moreover, we may be seeing more of this occur in the future.  If a lockout eventually does come to take place in 2011-12, many NBA players may rapidly fall out of shape, a la Shawn Kemp during the 1998 lockout. 

An out-of-shape NBA is a bad NBA, so for the fans' sake, let's hope that a lockout is avoided.

But regardless of what happens, there are still some out-of-shape players currently playing in the NBA. 

Some are simply eating up roster space and are on their way out of the league, while others have been able to become solid contributors for their respective teams. 

But all players on this list share one common trait: they are out of shape.  So without further ado, here are the 10 most out-of-shape players in the NBA.

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