San Antonio Spurs vs. Los Angeles Clippers in Mexico City: Say What?

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San Antonio Spurs vs. Los Angeles Clippers in Mexico City: Say What?
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What in the name of the war on drugs is NBA Commissioner David Stern thinking? 

Doesn’t he know that if he does not teach NBA players about the dangers of the Mexican cartel war—which is raging off the rockers in beautiful Mexico—then someone else will?

Namely the cartel overlords and their gangs of kidnappers.

And what in the name of don’t drink the water, or the Kool-Aid, is San Antonio Spurs owner Peter Holt thinking? 

Both the Canadian and the United States governments have issued several warnings against traveling to certain areas of Mexico.

Playing this game could backfire and turn into an international crisis if any of the Spurs or the Los Angeles Clippers entourage gets held for ransom. 

Almost nine million people reside in Mexico City, and not one of them is worth more money than what the Mexican cartel kidnappers could possibly get from the NBA. 

Jeopardizing player safety for a bigger international presence is totally irresponsible and heads should roll behind this decision. 

The Spurs, for goodness sakes, are decisively huge in Mexico, and now they have the audacity to drag the hapless Paper Clippers with them into a potential kidnap zone?

The last time I checked, a drug kingpin overlord supreme was wearing a Spurs tee shirt when he was arrested, recently, and now the Spurs help to acknowledge his arrest by playing an exhibition in his narco-state.

Mr. Stern, what is the state of your mind?

Cancel this preseason NBA game that is scheduled to take place on October 12, and do it now.

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