Miami Heat-Detroit Pistons Preseason: Why LeBron James Should Play the Point

Sipan MathevosianContributor IIOctober 6, 2010

Let's face it....extrapolating any information from the first preseason basketball game a team plays is about as insightful as....umm...wait...

OK.  So my analogies aren't exactly useful. I guess it's about as insightful as my inability to write a good analogy. 

I know it's just the preseason.  I know these games don't matter.  I didn't want to get sucked into the machine that is the NBA and watch this hyped up game, but let's face it...this wasn't just any preseason game.  After the most talked about, reported on, and analyzed free agent frenzy in NBA history, we all wanted a sneak peak into what this team has to offer. 

Unfortunately, we didn't get all of that, but the one sure thing that came out of it is that LeBron James needs to be the point guard for the Miami Heat

I know he's been a point-forward his entire career and practically does play the point guard position, but I'm saying that he should not only be the point guard, but they shouldn't even start a traditional point guard on the floor (Chalmers and Arroyo just blocked me on Facebook). 

Why do I say this?

Because LeBron James refuses to play in the post.  Because LeBron isn't the prototypical small forward.  He plays better with the ball in his hands, where he can create shots for himself and his teammates.  He can rebound, push the ball, dish it off or finish it himself. 

So when your small forward doesn't play in the post, why not put him at point, and put another big body on the floor (say Mike Miller who can shoot the trey like a champion) to fill in that position? 

Doesn't this create matchup nightmares? 

Any team who plays the Heat will have to adjust or settle for the fact that their point guard has to either guard Dwyane Wade or Mike Miller, because they're definitely not guarding LeBron? 

Sorry, but I don't see Jameer Nelson or Rajon Rondo guarding anyone on the floor in this scenario.  This would eliminate the other team's point guard on the Heat's offensive end. On defense, D-Wade is more than capable of doing a decent job of defending almost any point guard in the league, and Miller can guard the shooting guard.

This would mean a starting five of LeBron James at the point, Dwyane Wade at the 2-guard, Miller as the small forward, Bosh as the power forward, and Juwan Howard, Big Z, or whatever center that should be retired already playing at the 5 (it doesn't even matter who this is as long as they box out and rebound).  Until LeBron's athleticism fades and he develops a real post game (I don't mean just the ability to post up but the desire to play in the post) this combination seems like the best possibility. 

Tell me one reason why this can't happen?  You can't!  And even if you could, I would just delete your comment...just kidding.

Wait a minute...I just looked into the mirror and the guy staring back at me was wearing a Lakers jersey asking me why the hell I'm saying all this?  He also thinks more people will read this than they actually will, and that nobody (including Eric Spoelstra and Pat Riley) have thought of this before.  Regardless, he gave me the death stare. 

Never mind....erase this from your memory banks. Forget everything I just said!  

Wade and James should come off the bench.  Give somebody else a chance.  

Carlos Arroyo and Mario Chalmers everyone...your starting backcourt for the 2010-2011 Miami Heat!  I like the sound of that. 

Any takers?