Halloween 2010 With Dennis Rodman

John TaboneCorrespondent IOctober 6, 2010

Halloween 2010 With Dennis Rodman

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    It's that time of the year again! What time may that be? The time to go buy a Halloween costume. Trick or treating may not be your thing, but being a total weirdo for one day of the year should be enough to attract even the sane crowd. If that's your thing, then what/who are you going to be?

    Today's slideshow will feature the ultimate monster, Dennis Rodman who luckily fits under both the "what" and "who" categories. It has retired from being an animal on the court for years now, but its legacy still lives on. It lived everyday like Halloween. Straight from the swamps of New Jersey, here is Dennis "The Worm" Rodman who will be giving tips on buying the hottest costume for this Halloween.

Lebron's Mom

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    Why Lebron's mom?

    Being Lebron's mom gives your special someone an opportunity to buy a matching Halloween costume, which is great since Delonte West costumes just went on sale.

Michael Vick

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    Why Michael Vick?

    Michael Vick doesn't only scare dogs. He pretty much scares the life out of everyone except Dennis Rodman of course. 

The Bride Of Frankenstein

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    Why the Bride of Frankenstein?

    Classic movie. Also another opportunity for your hubby to match you on Halloween. 

Michael Phelps

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    Why Michael Phelps?

    What's funner than seeing doofy looking guys in speedos running around with a blunt in hand? Exactly.

The Newest Member of The Blue Man Group

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    Why the Newest Member of the Blue Man Group?

    Let's be honest here. Who honestly enjoys the Blue Man Group? Most people like me just enjoy laughing at them. If you're a funny guy, big DR thinks you should go blue. (Don't mind the picture; please use blue body paint for the full idiotic effect)


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    Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

    Why Snookie?

    Don't be ashamed. You just love Jersey Shore. Be Snookie for Halloween. All you need is a poof and a distinctive orange tint. 

Rob Schneider From Hot Chick

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    Why Rob Schneider From Hot Chick?

    That movie was great. It was Freaky Friday with a twist. The girl didn't become a MILF, but a middle-aged pedophile. 

The Guy In His Birthday Suit

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    Why the Guy in his Birthday Suit?

    Every Halloween party has at least one for a reason. DR demands so. 


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    Why Samwell?

    Answer this first: What, what in the butt? Who wouldn't want to be the first homosexual internet sensation?

Gene Simmons

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    Why Gene Simmons?

    The ladies love the outrageously long tongue. Oh and the make-up. It shows off your more sensitive side. 


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    Why Beetlejuice?

    Beetlejuice was one of those movies that was so wrong that you didn't even realize it until you grew up. It's also one of the best Halloween-orinted movies ever. Dressing up as Beetlejuice will be a surefire way of impressing everyone. 

Dennis Rodman

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    Why Dennis Rodman?

    Because anyone and anything could dress up as Dennis Rodman. He is Halloween. He lived like it was Halloween and he partied like it was Halloween. The guy had some outrageous hairstyles, but he pulled it off. All you need to be Dennis Rodman for Halloween is listed below:

    1. An amateur barber
    2. Temporary (or permanent) hair coloring spray/gel
    3. No mirror
    4. No morals
    5. The confidence of a to-be legend