Carlos Boozer: Chicago's Future Far From Bullish as Boozer Breaks Hand

marc mctCorrespondent IOctober 3, 2010

Carlos Boozer
Carlos Boozer

Chicago's Nick Friedell just reported that Carlos Boozer will miss eight weeks due to a broken right hand. The reasons for the injury which occurred during his day off have yet to be disclosed. 

This is perhaps a debilitating blow to a team that many expected to create some noise in the Eastern Conference.  

From camp, teammates and the coaching staff were celebrating Boozer as a nightly 20-and 10-machine that would bolster their attack led by rising talent Derrick Rose. Expectations, it would seem, for now will have to be placed on hold. 

Utah Jazz fans are probably not surprised, as Boozer has been a magnet for injury during much of his NBA career.  Though their team suffered the loss of Boozer in his off-season defection to the Bulls, many are no doubt saying 'good luck' to Chicago fans.

At this point, the Bulls could use a bit of luck as they were counting on camp to bring several disparate elements together.  

In addition to Boozer, the influx of new talent includes Kyle Korver, Keith Bogans, and Ronnie Brewer as well as a new coaching staff led by head coach Tom Thibodeau. Boozer is Chicago's first casualty of the injury bug.  

Now, they'll have to adjust to life without Boozer at least for the next eight weeks. It's likely that the high-energy Joakim Noah will pick up the slack until Boozer returns.  

Don't expect any of the other 29 teams in the league to take pity on them when the season starts, however.  Injuries in the NBA are a reality for everyone, and each team is more often than not an injury away from changing the outlook of the entire season. 

Fortunately for all involved, the team is deeper than it's been in years, making coach Thibodeau's job challenging when it could have been infinitely worse.

As the adage goes, "them's the breaks."