The Start of a Goodbye

Kirk LammersContributor IJune 24, 2016

In case you haven’t noticed, the site has not been active for the last several weeks, and that is for good reason. As much as it pains me, I have decided that it is time to take a long term break from running Curse of Cleveland. Given the current climate of Cleveland sports, some of you might assume that I am leaving because of the lack of contending teams and/or championship possibilities. I can assure you that is only a very, very small chunk of the equation. Most of it has to do with demands in my own life as well as the other past and present contributors to the site.

As of October 15th, we are shutting down the website. I will not say that it’s permanent, but certainly for the foreseeable future. I had options that included handing the keys over to someone else in the network, gaining additional help, or selling. At this time, none of those feel right to me. If I have the time and the passion, I’ll be back. If I don’t, I’ll have no regrets and cherish the time I had you all as a captive audience.

So before we go, I feel that I need to give credit where credit is due. That is because without the efforts of so many people in my life, Curse of Cleveland would never have started and would not have reached the status it has.

It started simple enough, with three friends sitting around shooting the breeze in between a few beers.

After a couple of years of hearing me relentlessly talk about sports down at THE Ohio State University, J.V. and Kyle had finally convinced me it was time. Time to get my opinions out there, to share them with more than just my family and friends, to give my own clever, down-to-earth sports views an avenue to flourish. That’s how the idea for Curse of Cleveland came about.

The first articles focused on games during the 2007 NBA Playoffs on a MySpace page that Kyle did a fantastic job of creating and building over top of the existing framework. It then went through a couple of different formats, including a Blogspot website ( However, after dabbling with a few game articles and previews here and there, we felt it was time to take it to the next level.

Domain name brainstorming took place between the three of us. It had to be something to capture the pain and suffering of the loyal and faithful Cleveland fan base, something that J.V. and I could certainly relate to from early childhood on up. We ended up choosing “Curse of Cleveland”, partly because of the Bone Thugz n Harmony song “I Tried”, that says “it’s like a curse that I can’t shake this part of Cleveland” So, in October 2008, the site was online after countless hours from Kyle behind the scenes to get the logistics worked out. We started on a Wordpress setup, and that went well for a while, until we stumbled across the opportunity of a lifetime that propelled Curse of Cleveland to heights greater than we had ever dreamed.