NBA: Can The East Beast Heat Unseat The Best Of The West? History Lesson 101.

Mr BlutarskiContributor ISeptember 28, 2010

1987:  Julius Erving #6 of the Philadelphia 76ers talks to his head coach Matt Goukas during a 1987-1988 season game. (Photo by Rick Stewart/Getty Images)
Rick Stewart/Getty Images

Miami has not played a game, and people are already handing them the crown. Sorry you gotta come and take it from the Lakers.....easier said than done. The Heat may not get out of the conference much less take the title. How many times have we seen a team load up on talent and then fold like a house of cards. How can anyone forget the 1977 Philadelphia 76ers. Led by Julius Erving, George McGinnis and coach Gene Shue, the 76ers finished with the second best record in the league at 50-32. They ousted Boston in the first round and disposed of Houston in the second round. Most everyone agreed the title was theirs, someone forgot to tell the Trailblazers. Bill Walton, Maurice Lucas and the rest of the Blazers ousted the highly favored 76ers four games to two.

The 76ers were loaded with players. Of course you start with Dr J.....add in McGinnis, Caldwell Jones, Lloyd Free, Doug Collins and Chocolate Thunder and you have an all-star lineup. One problem there are not enough basketballs to go around. The biggest problem to me was the hype certain players created that the media intensified. Lloyd Free was now World B Free, Darryl Dawkins was now Chocolate Thunder from the planet Lovetron, McGinnis was the NBA bad boy. These three forgot team ball somewhere amidst the hype.The image that remains with me to this date is during the NBA finals, Dr J sitting on the court watching, as Dawkins and Maurice Lucas squared off at half court.This pretty much summed up that team. The next year they lost in the conference finals. It was not until the 1982-1983 season that they finally won a title.To do this McGinnis, Free and Dawkins are no longer part of the team. Seems bad things happen in three's.

So what about the Heat? First I think LeBron is the next Dr J. He will be a great player that will not win multiple championships. He may get one if any. Chris Bosh is a sturdy hard working player that will not win many rings. So that leaves Dwayne Wade. He has a ring and he wants more. Dwayne is hungry and lets face it the Heat are his team. He is the captain. Can James and Bosh accept their roles as crew members? The one good thing is Pat Reilly. If anyone can pull this off he can. So to me they need at least a year to play together. That first year will be a pivotal one. Can the team survive the ghosts of talent laden teams of the NBA past? My money says no. The Lakers tried that in the 2003-2004 season. They loaded up with Gary Payton and Karl no avail. Detroit rock city ousted them four games to one in the finals. The next year, they cleaned house.