Lineup For Success: Starting 5 and Role Players For The Miami Heat This Season

kyle fisherContributor ISeptember 27, 2010

Lineup For Success: Starting 5 and Role Players For The Miami Heat This Season

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    Training camp begins today for the Miami Heat. The controversial summer landed possibly the team that will control the next decade in the NBA.

    No matter what people say about the Lakers, Thunder, etc. Adding the most talented player in the NBA in Lebron James along with the best power forward in the Eastern Conference in Chris Bosh have to make the Heat the favorites for every season.

    Do they have to prove it? Of course, the Lakers are still the NBA champions. However, these three together along with creating a decent supporting cast will bring them home the Trophy in the June. To have the best chance of success, I believe that this is how Coach Eric Spoelstra should have his super team lineup

Backup Point Guard: Mario Chalmers

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    Mario Chalmers most likely will start this season as the starting point guard, even though I envision a better starting lineup with Chalmers coming off the bench.

    He can only get better with player with Wade, James, and Bosh. If he is able to play off of these all star players, he could possibly make an impact the way Rajon Rondo has made an impact on the Boston Celtics.

    Stats Prediction: 8.0 ppg. 4.0 apg 1.0 spg

Backup Shooting Guard: Eddie House

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    Eddie House is back in Miami and is going to be a huge support to give Dwayne Wade a rest. His 3-point shooting is deadly and is a must to have in the game down the stretch. This combo guard played an important role on the 2008 NBA Champion Boston Celtics.

    Expect him to make a lot of big 3-point shots in the playoffs that will put them in the NBA Finals.

    Prediction: 6.5 ppg. 2 apg.

Backup Small Foward: James Jones

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    To be polite as possible, James Jones only purpose is to play mistake free when Lebron James and/or Mike Miller need time to rest.

    Hopefully, He could bring solid defense and work hard for rebounds.


    Prediction: 2.0 ppg. 1.5 rpg

Back Up Power Forward: Udonis Haslem

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    Haslem is a fan favorite and a home town hero. This Miami native recently ran into a problem with the law on suspected possession of Marijuana. This should not be a distraction and will get playing time behind Chris Bosh and possibly alongside him during parts of the game.

    Prediction: 7.5 ppg. 6.5 rpg.

Backup Center: Zydrunus Ilgauskas

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    This position could also be filled by Jamaal Magloire or Juwan Howard. I pick Ilgauskas simply because he is mostly likely to contribute the most. However, He seems to play along the perimeter rather than inside.

    Miami would rather have Bosh move around and keep the other big guy to go after the rebounds.

    Prediction: 4.0 ppg 5 rpg.

Starting Center: Joel Anthony

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    Anthony is undersized as a six foot nine center. However, his defensive presence will allow Bosh not to have the role of covering the best post player at times.

    Hopefully, he could be the teams energy player and bring the prescience of a player like Chris "Birdman" Anderson on the Denver Nuggets.

    Prediction: 5.5 ppg. 5 rpg. 2.2 bpg.

Starting Power Forward: Chris Bosh

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    Yes, Bringing Lebron James to Miami was by far the biggest move. I believe people have not been thinking that Bosh will most likely have to take a back seat to Wade and James. However, Bosh will still have plenty of opportunities for the all star to really show all basketball fans how good he really is.  Stay positive, you will still put up great numbers and be the key at times for this team to move forward in games.

    Prediction: 18.5 ppg. 11.0 rpg

Starting Small Foward: Mike Miller

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    You might have though that Lebron would have been the choice here. However, I believe he should play at another position for the best success of this team.

    Wade, James, and Bosh all took pay cuts in order to bring in a supporting cast to help them win championships. Mike Miller is the key player outside the big 3. He will be wide open along the three point line and have multiple open looks every game.

    He might come off the bench and be a candidate for sixth man of the year. However, I think it would be the best interest for the team for him to start for Heat.

    Prediction: 11.5 ppg. 49% 3-pt shooting.

Starting Shooting Guard: Dwyane Wade

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    Since the Heat won the NBA Title in 2006, the Miami Heat franchise has rode this guy hoping to go back to the promise land. With a poor supporting cast, Wade led this franchise to the playoffs and was given back no help from second year player Michael Beasley.

    During the 2010 free agency, People assumed that Dwyane would stay because they had money to go after two or even three major free agents. Team President Pat Riley was able to convince James and Bosh and join Wade's team.

    NBA fans: reread that sentence again. It is his team and he will be the number one option. When Boston added Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce was still the primary player in that offense. Garnett was probably the best player on that championship team, but Pierce was the captain and he gets most of the credit.

    Wade will have the similar situation. He will most likely lead this team in scoring. If by chance they need to take a last second shot to win the game, he will most likely get the shot. However, it might be fed to the hot hand as well.

    Prediction: 26.5 ppg. 6.5 apg. 5.0 rpg. 2 spg.

Starting Point Guard: Lebron James

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    Yes, the self-proclaimed "King James" will now have to take the back seat to Dwyane Wade and be the number 2 guy on this team. This whole summer commotion has tarnished his reputation because people think he betrayed his home state. After mixed feelings originally, I have come to a decision on the idea that he was looking at his best opportunity for his legacy to build. His personal goal of being better than Jordan will have to be on hold. Instead of Jordan, he should now look to emulate one of the other greatest players of all time. That is of course Magic Johnson.

    Coming out of high school, NBA scouts believed that this original point guard would make an impact as a huge point guard that would revolution the game. In the best interest of the Cavaliers, they believed putting him at the small forward position would suit him well as well as taking the position of point forward at time of the game.

    When Mo Williams was injured last season, James took more of the point guard role and absolutely thrived in it. He nearly average 30 points, 10 rebounds, and 10 assists. Talk about Magic Johnson and Oscar Robertson numbers. If he would have played point guard his whole career, he would already be considered one of the greatest point guards of all time.

    I do believe that this is the best way for the Miami Heat to run their offense. The most dominate player in the game will flirt with a triple double in this situation and will only help Wade and Bosh score the ball. Keep in mind he still may have not reached his prime yet. Oh and by the way, he can score too.

    Prediction: 24.0 ppg. 9.5 rpg.10.2 apg.

2010-2011 Outlook and Beyond

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    I have been told by my readers and friends that I am crazy to think that they will win seventy wins this year and fly through the NBA to a championship. I Just don't think that a team with two of the three/four best players in the NBA and another top 15 player would not mean total domination. This decade, I believe that the Heat will win at least six NBA titles including this upcoming year.

    Kevin Durant and the Thunder are not ready yet, and I am afraid that the Lakers could not simply handle this team. What I love about this is that their is so much discussion about this season because of the attention of the Heat and superstars looking for trades means that the NBA is looking for a great season. This is one of the most anticipated season in the NBA for quite some time. If you are not convinced yet on the Heat, I believe you are going to have to wait until the beginning of the season to change your mind. Don't just watch the Heat, but see how much the Cavaliers and the Raptors have taken a setback. I bet both those teams decrease their win total by 45 games combined! By then, every body will be convinced.

    Prediction: Heat over Lakers in 6

    Regular Season MVP: Lebron James

    Finals MVP: Lebron James