Michael Jordan, Gilbert Arenas, and Other Wizards with Second Chances

Kevon RobinsonCorrespondent ISeptember 26, 2010

Michael Jordan, Gilbert Arenas, and Other Wizards with Second Chances

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    After the recent invitation given to Adam Morrison for the Washington Wizards' training camp, I couldn't help but wonder why on earth do the Wizards give so many players second chances?

    Usually the players they give redemption to is either a horrible player, a solid player, or a excellent pickup.

    Redemption- rescue or deliverance, being in the act of redeeming.

    Do the Wizards need to put an end to trying to make magic?

5. Adam Morrison

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    I know, its an odd picture, when was the last time someone saw Adam Morrison taking a jump shot; that wasn't in warm-ups?

    After a solid run with the Bobcats and an injury, he was traded to the Lakers in hope of coming back to his normal form and improving.  Obviously, Morrison didn't get many minutes and sat on the bench basically the whole season.  Don't ask Adam Morrison for an autographed jersey, unless you want a dull suit with his sloppy signature on it.

    All jokes aside, I really do think that this guy can be good somewhere.  There was a reason why the Bulls and Celtics offered him a training camp invite also; the guy isn't a bad shooter.  You get a PG that can penetrate (i.e. Derrick Rose, Rajon Rondo, and John Wall) and just leave Morrison on the wing to catch and shoot.

    Lets just wait for him to make cuts first though.

4. Kwame Brown

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    Alright Kwame, just pack you bags and leave at any given moment, nobody will notice your gone.Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

    Kwame, Kwame, Kwame.  This guy is one of the reason why people doubt the Wizards luck this season, now every #1 overall player with the Wizards will get a bad name because of him.

    The guy had...."rookie" numbers if you would say so; averaging roughly over half a rebound a night and about 10 points. 

    He is now on division rivals, the Charlotte Bobcats, and man is it a relief.  I know the Wizards didn't really give him another chance in the NBA but after his second season, I would say it was a risk to keep him for more year.

3. Josh Howard

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    All of Josh Howard's trouble-making started while he was with the Dallas Mavericks.  First, he disrespected the National Anthem by saying that he is a "n***a" and they don't say the National Anthem at a celebrity football game.  Second, he admitted to smoking marijuana while in the playoffs the same year of their NBA Finals run; which was arguably his best season with the Mavericks.

    Although the past issues, Howard seems to have cleaned up his act after being traded from the Mavericks to the Wizards, which basically was a self-destruct button on the roster.

    In the end, Josh Howard played good for about 3 games and then tore his ACL.  He is expected to be back by November, and the Wizards offered him the cheapest contract while he was in free-agency and yet he still signed with them.

    I think he will be a solid bench contributer when he comes back...assuming that Al Thornton will take his job.

2. Gilbert Arenas

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    I feel like a real IDIOT right now.Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

    I love Gilbert, but c'mon son!!!

    Guns in a locker room?!?

    One of the worst parts about it was that he tried to make a joke of it when being interviewed by the media and in pre-game huddles.  Considering that everyone questioned his skills after coming off of an injury that kept him out for 2 years, he still managed to average about 23 points and 7 assists per game before being suspended.  That's excellent in my opinion considering all the pressure on his back going into the season.

    Now is test number 2.

    In result of his dumb actions, Gilbert Arenas has gotten the keys to the franchise snatched away from him and into the hands of John Wall.  John Wall is a stud with major hype; and Gilbert knows that.  The best thing for Arenas to do is shut his mouth and play basketball...after a long and super-extended summer for Gilbert Arenas with a little help from Tim Grover at Attack Athletics, he is ready to return to full form.

1. Michael Jordan

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    Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

    This guy was a beast....and if the G.O.A.T comes knocking at your door, the smartest thing to do is to welcome him with open arms.

    MJ thought he was done with basketball but you can't keep a person away from something they love.

    Michael Jordan was 40 when he dropped 50+ points in back-to-back games,and if you have seen the game, you would see that there were many flashes of the old Jordan in him that was still left.

    I'm pretty sure the Wizards are very proud to be Michael Jordan's last team to play with.