Toronto Raptor's Top Gun, Demar DeRozan: In The Mould Of Tracy McGrady

Rich FernandesCorrespondent ISeptember 25, 2010

Demar DeRozan at USC
Demar DeRozan at USCJonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Toronto, Ontario is the Canadian city where the lights are bright and the girls are pretty.  Where the number one sport is the lightening fast and finesse filled game of ice hockey.  This is also the destination of the NBA’s only internationally based metropolis, where winters can be bitterly cold sending you running for cover. 

Toronto fans also love their Toronto Raptors basketball club.  An NBA club that has seen its fair share of NBA superstar discoveries including Damon Stoudamire, Marcus Camby, Vince Carter, Tracy McGrady, and Chris Bosh.  These are players that might have a championship or two, had they stayed in this big city.

The summer of 2010 has been especially hard for Raptor fans as their number one player, Chris Bosh twittered his way out of town.  It was after all, Toronto and other Canadian basketball fans that showed their loyal support to Bosh by voting their hero into all of his All-Star games.  Their loyal support was greeted without even a simple “thank you, it’s been swell.”  Instead, their sanctimonious star ran with his friend, and controversial mega superstar knucklehead, Lebron James to the now superfluously star studded Miami Heat

Indeed, while Raptor fans may face yet another rebuilding year, things might not be so bad for them after all.  Why?  They are about to witness the superstar coming out party of second year player, Demar DeRozan. 

At 6 foot 7 inches tall, this young thoroughbred and budding NBA superstar has very quick reflexes to compliment his excellent ball handling skills.  DeRozan was the Raptors first round draft pick (9th overall) in 2009… and he is about to punish many of those eight NBA teams that past him up.  As the Demar DeRozan coming out party unfolds over the next couple of years, this may include even the Chicago Bulls.  That is a very bold statement to say the least, especially considering the Bulls prize number one pick and rookie of the year, Derrick Rose.

Consider this:  Demar DeRozan is built In the exact same mould of past superstar Tracy McGrady.  Most people have forgotten how the “coiled like a spring,” and extremely athletic McGrady tore up the NBA during his early years.  That was before succumbing to numerous nagging injuries that began to take their miserable toll on him.  He led the league twice in scoring and was without debate, the most efficient and explosive scorer in the NBA at that time…and yes, that included even L.A.’s mighty Kobe Bryant.

DeRozan is built like the 6 foot 8 McGrady, only one inch shorter but just as explosive.  Like McGrady, Toronto’s young stud had an affluent high-school career as he helped his team win the California state championship with MVP honors.  But unlike McGrady who entered the NBA right out of high-school, Demar spent one year in college.

DeRozan was highly recruited by many colleges and chose USC, where he established himself as not only a starter in his freshman year, but also the team’s star.  He started in all 35 season games, scoring in double figures 28 times and posting four double-doubles.  He scored 21 points with 7 rebounds in his very first game for the Trojans!  DeRozan racked up an incredible 485 points placing him third, and 201 rebounds placing him fourth all-time for a USC freshman!

Entering the NBA after just one year of college, this shooting guard with length to boot, has played in 77 games averaging 21.6 minutes.  DeRozan made 49% of his field goals, 76% of his free throws, averaged 2.9 rebounds, and 8.6 points per game.  These are all modest numbers for this extremely talented and hard working rookie, who will significantly and progressively improve in the same fashion as McGrady.  DeRosan also has “the thrilling air game” that most NBA fans crave, as shown by finishing second in the All-Star game’s Slam Dunk contest. 

Demar DeRozan; the 21 year old basketball player extraordinaire that has tangible superstar ability that you can feel in your bones. He is built in the exact same athletic mould as past superstar Tracy McGrady, and is unencumbered by enemy defenders. 

For Toronto Raptor fans, DeRozan’s amazing talents and ferocious intensity will at first, help mitigate the departure of Chris Bosh.  That is, before he causes them to ask, “Chris Bosh who?”  In the process, Demar will establish himself as a legitimate top 10 franchise player in the league.  

You are invited to this young thoroughbred’s NBA superstar coming out party!


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