Carmelo Anthony and the Four-Team Trade: Be Careful What You Wish For

Brandon Ribak@reebokforthreeSenior Writer ISeptember 25, 2010

The most exciting offseason NBA news since witnessing LeBron James flip his hometown the bird broke out yesterday.

Unlike LeBron, very few anticipated that Carmelo Anthony would switch jerseys this offseason, especially after winning 53 games last season and competing in the Western Conference Finals just two years ago.

The Nuggets have one of the league's top point guards, a deadly sharpshooter, three solid big men defenders, and one of the NBA's most driven coaches.

With a recipe like that, one would think that all a superstar (like Carmelo Anthony) needed was the heart and determination to make a deep playoff run and win a championship, right?


Carmelo Anthony is so fed up with this Denver team that he has pushed for a trade to be made, preferably with him ending up in either New York or Chicago.

Out of his short list, the Nuggets have worked out a four-team deal that would send him to the New...

Nope, not the New York Knicks. Worse, much worse.

The New Jersey Nets.

The team that managed to win a whopping 12 games last season, only three more victories than the worst record (9-73, Philadelphia 76ers' 1972-'73 season) in NBA history.

Although the Nets won only a handful of games last season, they do have a solid future with a young star in Devin Harris and a potential stud in rookie Derrick Favors.

Too bad both players won't be part of the Nets roster in 48 hours if and when Carmelo Anthony arrives in town.

Anthony came into this offseason with one goal in mind, and that goal was to get traded.

After forcing the issue for weeks (without thinking of the repercussions, cough, playing in New Jersey) Melo is now the one stuck in the hot seat.

It's now literally all in his hands.

The swingman can throw the potential deal into the garbage and rejoin the team that made it to the Western Conference Finals just two seasons ago (and simply become a free agent at season's end) or convince himself that signing an extension with the New Jersey Nets—a team that greatly lacks the championship-caliber mentality—is a genius idea.

Maybe this scenario will be a lesson for superstars in the future—be careful what you wish for.

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