NBA Rumors: Why Carmelo Anthony Needs to Say No To the N.J. Nets

Lou Georgalas@@LouGeorgalasContributor ISeptember 24, 2010

See you in New York
See you in New YorkEzra Shaw/Getty Images

Carmelo Anthony a N.J. Net. The sound of it alone is enough to turn your stomach but can you imagine the star forward donning a Net's uniform?

Anthony, who has made it very clear that his first choice is to be a N.Y. Knick, holds all the playing cards here. If he wants to be a Knick, he will be, and it's as simple as that. There is absolutely no reason for him to accept Denver's plea of a "compromise" trade proposal. This is the most absurd, ridiculous statement I have ever heard from a professional sports franchise.

Their ploy to convince him that this is the only way he will get his $65 million extension and get into the metropolitan N.Y. market is nonsense, and I hope Carmelo realizes just how much leverage he truly has. Here are the facts that face the Denver Nuggets:

  • He wants to be a N.Y. Knick, and call the world's most famous arena his home
  • He does not want to be a N.J. Net. I repeat, he does not want to be a N.J. Net
  • He will be a distraction in training camp with the constant focus surrounding his future
  • He can refuse to sign a contract extension and play out his final season under contract in Denver and remain a distraction
  • The longer they wait, the less trade value they will get in return
  • The new CBA will not affect him as his endorsement deals in NYC would triple his NBA salary

Why in the world does Carmelo Anthony have to compromise where he plays? He has spent the better half of the last seven years in Denver coming up short. He has expressed a desire to win and win now.

How is being traded to the Nets, who will be giving up their entire roster to acquire him, provide the best chance to win a NBA Championship? A pairing with Brook Lopez? Who is Brook Lopez? He was apart of a team that went 12-70! I repeat: 12-70!

Who would run the PG position with Devin Harris being moved in the deal? Jordan Farmar? Really?

Why choose a compromise in a N.J. swamp, when at worst, you could wait a year and sign in the Mecca of basketball? Even if a new CBA causes him to sign for less next year, the financial possibilities in NYC would be endless. Carmelo Anthony would be a (very rich) icon in the greatest city in the world.

New York City is desperate for a winning product; acquiring Anthony would make the Knicks relevant again even if it means waiting a year to get him. There is no reason to fall into a trap that the Nuggets are setting up. Not when you hold the leverage.

Selfish or not, it's his future and he should decide it—not a desperate team trying to maximize value.