Ranking the New Jersey Nets' New Additions for 2010

Rachel MarcusCorrespondent ISeptember 24, 2010

Ranking the New Jersey Nets' New Additions for 2010

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    Travis Outlaw leads a large pack of new Nets.Chris Graythen/Getty Images

    The New Jersey Nets' current roster stands at 16 players. Now that number will surely be trimmed down before the season begins. But as of now, it stands at 16. And of that 16, a whopping 12 are new. Only four players from last season's team remain (Devin Harris, Brook Lopez, Terrence Williams, and Kris Humphries).

    Now, that is probably a good thing, considering how awful the Nets were last year. But there are no guarantees that this new roster will be any better.

    Out of the 12 fresh faces, there are a few that stand out. 

    With that being said, here are the new Nets. All 12 of them. 

12. Ben Uzoh

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    Joe Murphy/Getty Images

    I'll be honest. I don't really know much about this guy. But if he made the NBA from Tulsa, then he must have really lit it up there. He's a rookie, so he won't see much of the court this season, if any at all.

11. Brian Zoubek

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    Andy Lyons/Getty Images

    Zoubek's a rookie who may or may not make the team, too. But he's a known rookie, having just led Duke to the national championship. He was a force his senior year, and despite not getting drafted is a very physical, talented player that could help the Nets.

10. Stephen Graham

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    Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

    I always get Stephen and his twin, Joey confused. Maybe that's because they have had similar career paths. But if I'm not mistaken, Stephen had the lesser career at Oklahoma State. Still, he's forged a respectable path in the NBA and can be beneficial to the Nets this season.

9. Quinton Ross

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    Chris Graythen/Getty Images

    Here's a guy who has been around the league. He's a role player but could be a key cog off the bench for the Nets this season. If he gets quality minutes, then I think that will give him a better chance of carving up a niche in the rotation.

8. Joe Smith

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    Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

    Joe Smith. Can't get much more generic than that. As for his game, it hasn't exactly stood out. But it has been good enough, because he's managed a solid 15-year career. The Nets are stop 100 on his tour. Not really, but it sure seems that way. He was born in 1975. In comparison, rookie Derrick Favors was born in 1991, when Smith was probably tearing up the high school hoops scene. Favors was in high school just two years ago.

7. Damion James

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    Jamie Squire/Getty Images

    Maybe this "James" can make us Nets fans forget about the "James" we lost out on. 

    Unlikely, but hey, we can dream, right?

    At the least, James should provide some solid offensive numbers. It's just his rookie year, so we can expect more in the future.

6. Johan Petro

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    Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

    Petro was one of the four summer free-agent signings of the Nets. And though he may not come with as much upside as the other three (who I will touch on later) he will hopefully provide the Nets with a big body inside. He is seven feet tall. Not too bad. The Nets could use some assistance for Brook Lopez.

5. Derrick Favors

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    Al Bello/Getty Images

    Here is our highly-touted, yet unpolished rookie. Sure, we missed out on Wall and Turner. But Favors isn't a consolation prize. He's a solid player that can become much more than that.

    He may be a little unfinished in certain areas of his game, but he has maximum potential.

4. Anthony Morrow

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    Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

    Morrow is a bit of a wild card. He's put up good numbers in his two years in the league since coming out of Georgia Tech. He's one of those guys that gets good money based on a hot season and potential. Hopefully he doesn't become a bust.

    Then again, with the Nets, he will have plenty of playing time. So he should be fine.

3. Jordan Farmar

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    Lisa Blumenfeld/Getty Images

    Farmar's got two rings in four seasons. And many people say he basically got them with little effort. I have to disagree. I think he was a quality backup guard for the Lakers. But with the Nets, I think he can really break out and not be stuck behind Derek Fisher and Kobe Bryant.

    He will still be playing behind Devin Harris, but should get some quality minutes.

2. Troy Murphy

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    Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

    Solid player. Role player on a good team. On the Nets—immediate contributor. Expect Murphy to be another so-so player that plays a large role in the Nets' offense this year. That's not necessarily a bad thing. 

1. Travis Outlaw

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    Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

    Travis, I feel the same way about not getting LeBron. Or any other big-name free agent. But stop pouting. Because you are the biggest free agent acquisition we got. And it's up to you to play like one. Make the money we spent on you worth it. 

    If Outlaw can explode alongside Devin Harris, Brook Lopez, and even Terrence Williams, then maybe the Nets can be respectable. Maybe. If a handful of these 12 guys can manage anything above average, then maybe the Nets can go for 30 wins.