NBA Trade Rumors: Could Carmelo Anthony Save The Los Angeles Clippers?

Matt KunzlerContributor ISeptember 22, 2010

After one of the most anticipated off-seasons of all time, we face the upcoming NBA year with a brand new look to several rosters. Some teams took a gamble and cashed in their money and time for players like Lebron James and Ama're Stoudemire. Others lost key players such as Carlos Boozer, but they were quickly replaced. Then there were those that gambled big, and lost big; such as the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Los Angeles Clippers. Then excitement started to bubble up because Chris Paul was talking about being traded, however that quickly died down as the Hornets traded away point guard Darren Collison. And now even more recently, all-star and gold medalist Carmelo Anthony is talking about a trade. However, unlike the Chris Paul situation Carmelo seems more motivated to leave Denver, he seems more driven. The Warriors, Rockets, and Knicks have all shown a keen interest. However, the team that not only wants, but needs Carmelo more than any other is the Los Angeles Clippers.

The Clippers have recently been a team talked down on, a team made fun of, a team that players ruin their careers with. In all honesty it has been just a sad story. It also hasn't helped that they share the same city with the best names in basketball (both team, player, and coach). The Clippers thought they had there franchise player when they won the lottery in the 2009 NBA draft. They picked Blake Griffin who has so much potential, but did not play a minute his rookie year due to injuries. It seems that in the past decade the clippers have only had "decent" players. They have had an all-star here and there, but never any players that coaches had to scheme the defense around. This past off-season the Clippers saved up what money they had, and made a feeble splash in free agency. In return for their weak attempt, they received Ryan Gomes, Randy Foye, and a few rookies. With the team they have, they will be decent, but no where near a playoff team. They don't have enough reserve roles for players like Eric Gordon and Baron Davis. Basically what I am trying to say is that the Los Angeles Clippers have been looking for their star. They have been looking for a player to come and not only sell tickets, but put them on the championship contender map.

On the other hand Carmelo Anthony watched his fellow draft class stats join together in what may be the greatest team of all time. He watched all of these other players abandon their teams for a shot at glory. I'm sure after seeing all of this, he looked at the aging team he has and realized that if he wants to ever have a chance at a ring, then he needs to find a younger team. A team like the Clippers.

If this were to happen, the Nuggets would only give Anthony up if they got something good in return. From what I can see on the Clippers roster, and Denver's needs, Los Angeles would have to be ready to give up Eric Gordon, Ryan Gomes, and next years draft pick. However in return they would get a new franchise face in Carmelo Anthony. The Clippers will probably have to sign a 3rd string point guard, and a 3rd string wing player, but with what they would have the potential depth chart would look something like this:

PG-   Baron Davis...............Eric Bledsoe.............Reserve Free Agent

SG-   Randy Foye...............Rasual Butler............Reserve Free Agent

SF-   Carmelo Anthony.......Al-Farouq Aminu........Reserve Free Agent

PF-   Blake Griffin...............Craig Smith..............Brian Cook

C-     Chris Kaman..............DeAndre Jordan........Brian Cook

Now you look at that line-up and tell me that that would not be a dangerous team. Everyone in the starting line-up has averaged more than 15 ppg in the last few years other than Griffin who definitely has that potential. Baron Davis is not getting any younger, but he is still one of the better point guards in the NBA. The bench also does have a few questions, but rookies Eric Bledose, and Al-Farouq Aminu look very promising. Jordan and Butler have proven themselves as solid bench players. There is also plenty of good role players available in free agency such as Rashad McCants, Cuttino Mobley, and yes, even Allen Iverson.

What more perfect of a place to go than to Los Angeles? I know and understand that not many players want to play for the Clippers, but the Clippers have what Anthony wants; young talent, and money. Anthony's wife Lala Vasquez has told him that she wants to move to leave the Rocky Mountains of Denver for the beaches of California. Anthony has also spoken his concerns about his teams age, so why not? The Clippers have been in the need of a player to not only win games, but to sell tickets. Only those who don't have enough spending money for Lakers games go to see the Clippers. Anthony could change that, he could give people a reason to come out for their games. The issue would be if Carmelo is willing to play for the Clippers rather than a big name franchise. If he is willing to play for the Clippers, then the Clips' could find themselves in the race for the western conference as early as next season.