The Ultimate Fighter: 10 Athletes Who Should Be on TUF

Brad GoldbachCorrespondent ISeptember 23, 2010

The Ultimate Fighter: 10 Athletes Who Should Be on TUF

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    With the latest season of the Ultimate Fighter underway, we bring back the age-old question of which athletes would fare the best once they enter the ring.

    Two-way athletes always raised the question of which basketball player would be the best football player and vice versa, but the octagon may require the most interesting combination of athleticism and skills.

    We know the guys on this list have the athleticism, but we have to use our imagination to think how these talents would translate to MMA.

    And for some of these guys, even if they didn't stand a chance in the octagon, a few people probably wouldn't mind seeing them take a beatdown.

    Here are 10 athletes that should be on TUF.

10. Tim Tebow

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    You either love him or you hate him, so either way, people would tune in to watch Tebow either dominate or get his ass kicked in the ring.

    The guy certainly has the build to take down some people in the ring, and for anyone who thinks Tebow is too nice of a guy to pull this off, just consider his mentality of going headfirst into every single play.

    The guy would bring some passion into the ring, and if you hate him, this would be your chance to see him get hit in the face.

9. Chad Ochocinco

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    The guy is up for anything, just see Dancing with the Stars. He is made for any kind of reality TV show.

    His personality would be great for the sport, and he reportedly trains in MMA in the offseason. He supposedly has asked Dana White to let him fight Anderson Silva, and although that would never happen, we would love to see him get a chance in the ring.

8. Terrell Owens

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    Sure, the last thing we need is to give this guy some publicity. But I think one thing we all can agree on is that T.O. needs a good beating.

    He is certainly athletic enough to take on challengers in the ring. If he were to come out on top, he would be a great villain to showcase in a fight.

7. LeBron James

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    He would be the ultimate case study in whether athleticism could translate into a good fighter in the octagon. People can argue all day who the best player in the NBA is, but it would be hard to argue against LeBron being the most naturally athletic player in the league.

    He would also have a lot of people cheering against him for taking his talents southward, and villains make for good entertainment.

    With his move to Miami, he may be more suited for the showbiz of professional wrestling, and he might not have the killer instinct to finish a fight, but he would certainly be fun to watch.

6. Shaq

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    On Shaq Vs., the Big Fella never backs down from a challenge as he takes on athletes in their respective sports, and he actually fares pretty well for himself. So, it’s time to bring Shaq to the octagon.

    He would be one of the more physically intimidating guys to enter the ring, and he can probably absorb quite a few hits, not to mention what would happen if he landed a few.

    He recently challenged Jim Rome to a fight and said he would beat his ass. Although that would be funny to see, it would be much more entertaining to see Shaq pick on someone his own size. Ok, at least someone who could fight.

5. Ray Lewis

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    One of the most feared players in the NFL for much of the last decade, Ray Lewis would take on any challenge in the ring.

    I’m not even going to touch the murder trial that he went through back in the day, because with or without that, we know Lewis is game for the job.

    It would only increase his rep as one of the toughest, meanest, scariest guys in the game.

4. Michael Vick

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    Vick is a supreme athlete, and even though he has probably lost a step or two these days, there is no questioning his speed and agility.

    He might just be the perfect fighter who could dodge any attack.

    But really, most people would just want him to see what it feels like on the other side of the cage.

3. Ron Artest

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    Noel Vasquez/Getty Images

    You have to be crazy to jump into the octagon without any sort of training on your side.

    Ron Artest is the pure definition of crazy. Sure, he corralled in all of those demons, or whatever you want to call them, to help the Lakers bring home a ring this season, but you know at any given moment that he could just snap.

    So, why not put Artest in the octagon and willingly unleash all of those tendencies and see what happens?

    I just wouldn’t want to be the guy who had to stop the fight before Artest killed someone.

2. Mike Tyson

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    Iron Mike made his big comeback on the big screen with his cameo in The Hangover.

    So, why not have him make a comeback to the ring where anything goes?

    Mike may be well past his prime, but we know he is crazy enough and still packs a vicious enough punch to make a few people wish they never jumped into the ring.

    The only question might be what happens if things get tough and the opponents ear is within reach.

1. Manny Pacquiao

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    He is considered pound-for-pound the best boxer in the world, so now is the time for him to show everyone that that claim extends to all forms of fighting.

    Rumors of retirement and going into politics aside, Pacquiao’s appearance (and probable domination) inside the octagon would truly make him larger than life.