Ducks Fly Together: Basketball In Beijing

Seth BowmanCorrespondent IAugust 13, 2008

You might be asking yourself, why on earth is some guy writing about ducks, on a sporting blog?! Its a good question, an enigma per say, so let me clear the water, no pun intended.

In this beautiful August month, one will most definitely be thinking or talking about College Football, the NFL, or Baseball in October. The sad part is, that most aren't even thinking about the Olympics. Which is in my opinion, the most important story out there. You will see an article here or there, or see the occasional highlight, but you will not see the Olympic frenzy of old. Perhaps in this day and age, patriotism has all but vanished.

During the months of summer, the topic of conversation was very bland, and very bleak. Most all media outlets building hype to the upcoming college football season. While I enjoy college football, and have enjoyed the pre-season talk, nothing has captured my excitement more, than the sporting events, happening, half way around the world.

The Olympics are more than just shooting for gold, whooping up on other countrys, or being put on a Wheaties box. The Olympics are about something far greater. Its about representing your country, its about the team work and effort put into every event, and its most certainly about flying your flag and letting the whole world know where your from, and that your damn proud. In one word: PRIDE.

Since the spectacular start of the 2008 Olympics, I have had the pleasure of watching, basketball (of coarse), water polo, gymnastics, diving, swimming, and volleyball. There are still many events to go in this years Olympics. But the one that has got my blood boiling and has me so excited is, the 2008 USA Olympic Basketball.

In 1992, the original Dream Team flew through the Olympic games 8-0, and without the Head Coach ever using a timeout. Pretty impressive, but could have been expected with the likes of Michael Jordan, Charles Barkley and Larry Bird on the team. Where will this years 2008 squad land when the fat lady has sung? I believe with some gold medals, anything less will spell disappointing. So far they have cruised through their tuneup games, and are 2-0 in group play.

This years squad may not be as dominate as the original Dream Team, but with the likes of NBA MVP Kobe Bryant, World Champion D-Wade, and big man Dwight Howard, they will definitely etch a name for themselves in International Basketball History. You might be thinking, how in the world does this have anything to do with ducks? Well, over the weekend I was watching the original Mighty Ducks movie and it got me thinking. In the movie Gordan Bombay, coaches a group of young misfits in pee-wee hockey. When he introduces the team mascot as the ducks, he receives a wave of boos, and comments like "ducks are wimpy and stupid", but the coach replies "I'll have you know, that the duck is one of the most noble, agile and intelligent creatures of the animal kingdom" he then ask the guys a question, "Have you guys ever seen a flock of ducks flying in perfect formation?"  "It's beautiful and pretty awesome the way they all stick together. Ducks never say die, ever seen a duck fight?" "No way" the kids reply "Why? Because the other animals are afraid. They know that if they mess with one duck they gotta deal with the whole flock."

I think the way he describes the ducks in this movie, is a perfect description of our 2008 USA Olympic Basketball Team. Think I am crazy? I might be, but lets look at the facts. We all know that this years team is not, the biggest baddest group of animals in the woods. Neither is any single member of this team capable of carrying the whole group to gold. But when you look at the entire roster, every single member, young and old (j-kidd), is an intelligent agile duck, ready to come together, and fly to gold, because when you think things are about to fall apart, ducks fly together, and when the wind blows hard and the skies are black, ducks fly together, and when your down by 3 in the 4th quarter, and the world is watching, ducks fly together. GO USA!!!