Derrick Rose's Jumper is Becoming Cash

Ken ParkContributor IISeptember 21, 2010

Derrick Rose will do more than drive to the cup this year
Derrick Rose will do more than drive to the cup this yearJonathan Daniel/Getty Images

If you've watched Team USA play in the World Championships at all, you surely have noticed DRose's increased confidence in his jump shot. He's been pulling up for international threes and hitting them with regularity. But this is not a recent development. There was a noticable improvement in his perimeter shooting even between his rookie season (2008-09) and last (2009-10) that should not be overlooked.

2008-09 Regular Season

2009-10 Regular Season 

There was significant improvement near the free throw line area. While DRose converted from that area only 31.6 percent of the time in '08-'09, by the end of '09-'10, DRose was shooting 58.6% from there.

There was also remarkable gains near the left baseline portion of the court. DRose shot only 29.7 percent from that area in year one, but increased that percentage to 40.4 percent, converting it from a cold to medium spot. The improvement in three-point percentage from the left baseline area is a little misleading due to so few attempts. But the overall point is clear.

DRose greatly expanded his ability to take and make outside jumpers to different areas of the court from his first to second season in the league.


Chicagoans are cautiously optimistic that Rose will be able to lead the Bulls to a championship. I think they have every right to be. As Rose continues to turn his weaknesses into strengths, he will become virtually unguardable and should be able to take over end of games when needed. Couple that with Thibodeau's proven defensive genius and you have a recipe for success.