Cleveland Cavaliers Should Rekindle Trade Talk With New Orleans Hornets

Matthew WilderContributor ISeptember 20, 2010

Could Chris Paul replace LeBron James in Cleveland?
Could Chris Paul replace LeBron James in Cleveland?Chris Graythen/Getty Images

One of the biggest stories prior to "The Decision" was that the Cleveland Cavaliers attempted a major trade that probably would have forced LeBron James to forget about joining the Miami Heat. It wasn't some average player with virtually no name, but Chris Paul who is a consistent all-star. Paul wanted out of New Orleans in July and nothing has changed. This topic was heavily covered by ESPN and CBSsorts.

Paul still wants out and New Orleans is doing nothing to satisfy his request. The Hornets have no intention of trading him at this point.

Cavs fans should remember that Chris Paul stated his interest of playing for the Cavs due to the presence of Head Coach Byron Scott who previously coached the Hornets.

Could the departure of LeBron James have a major impact on Paul's desire to join the Cavs? There is no easy answer to that. It is possible that Paul is no longer interested in joining Cleveland, but not necessarily.

The Cavs must continue to take advantage of this turmoil. If they somehow manage to pull this off, the talk about them being a losing team will evaporate as quick as a steaming pot of water on a hot stove before cooking a meal.

Cleveland would certainly welcome Chris Paul as he would become Cleveland's next king. Could this happen? The chances are iffy, but this could develop into national talk once again.