NBA Preview: Five Matchups in 37 Days -- Mark 'Em Down

Del ChocContributor IISeptember 19, 2010

1. Dwyane Wade vs Kobe Bryant vs Lebron James vs Lamar Odom vs  Chris Bosh vs Pau Gasol

When it is all said and done, there is no ifs ands or buts about it -- Miami Heat's trio has the highest probability in starring down Los Angeles Lakers come June, in large part of the team's stacked PERs.

It's unprecedented how the level of competition can shake up between the two sides during the season, and post of it, being as how both teams have premiere matchups that can't be found through the test of invested time.

The closest one can recollect is the 1991 NBA finals where Scottie Pippen and Michael Jordan took the floor against Magic Johnson and, well, an injured James Worthy, who didn't play at all due to a high ankle sprain.

So in sense, what will likely collide in 37 days has an uniqueness written all over it. Its the onset of many legends in basketball, and in sports in general.

All there is left to say is, "pick-a-side."


2. Carmelo Anthony vs Altered Ego 

Was it September 8th, that, Carmelo Anthony wanted a trade to the New York Knicks or Chicago Bulls?

Now there is sources saying he is ready to make matters up with Denver, thereon, going into Denver Nuggets' training camp with an open heart.

Either Anthony has come to his senses, or this was a case of the 'MSMD' (in reference to LBJ's exhausted summer with the quote, unquote, decision).

Either way, Anthony has a flurry of questions headed his way in 37 days, and for his sake, be ready to answer them.

3. Kevin Love vs Michael Beasley

The 2008 NBA Draft wasn't too long ago -- where Michael Beasley went two, and Kevin Love went three.

Fact of the matter is, even though their respective careers have been nothing more of steady, you can rest assured with a bevy of new names added to Minnesota's depth chart -- and hopefully a Ricky  Rubio sighting soon -- things can finally start to freshen up.

Fans of Minnesota can hope for much of what basketball enthusiasts saw back in 2007, where during those sponsored highschool events the likes of Johnny Flynn -- starting Point Guard -- and Kevin Love -- starting Power Forward -- showed flashes of All-Star potential for the NBA level.

2007 McDonald's East Team
Johnny Flynn
Kosta Koufos

2007 McDonald's West Team
Michael Beasley
Kevin Love

Maybe, together, Kevin Love and Michael Beasley can live up to the separate billings of Wes Unseld and Carmelo Anthony.

Maybe Michael Beasley's double-doubles at Kansas State, and 40-point games against division one schools as a Freshman garnish under current headcoach Kurt Rambis.

Besides, apart from the obvious, we'll know if the two have gotten it together; years better than Kevin Garnett and Wally Szczerbiak would nudge the powers that be (columnists, media, etc).

4. John Wall vs Russell Westbrook

A lot like the Middle Ages, where alchemy was practiced for better and worse, these two distinctive Point Guards have shifting forces.  As such, when immediately comparing the two, their wingspan,  standing reach, lane agility, vertical jump -- all are nearly the same, which is unheard of.

Just sifting through the Point Guards in the league, none outside the aforementioned two have comparable measures.

Derrick Rose has the explosiveness; Deron Williams has the burly build; Chris Paul has the shrewdness on every play.

But none of them have the physical advantages that's at Wall's and Westbrook's grips -- well, maybe Derrick Rose (but he's lacking in some of those physical departments, like, namely wingspan). 

In only saying so much, frankly, you're guaranteed to see high-flying plays, man-to-man presses, and open-court opportunities on part of the two.

In addition, out of their position, it's hard to argue that it gets any better than this.

The Chris Paul meets Jason Kidd era, and Derrick Rose meets Deron Williams era has just met its presaged change -- as it's now John  Wall meets Russell Westbrook.

Who needs boxing to revive? The matches of class, reputation and headlining is right here.


5. Evan Turner vs Derrick Rose
From a "war of words" in highschool, and a continual bitterness amongst each other on the court, to a much anticipated rivalry rebirth in the NBA, Evan Turner and Derrick Rose have obviously purge their  differences in the spotlight but away from it has told differently. It has nearly been four years since the two faced off, and as early as December of 2010, Chicago faithfuls will get a chance to see their two blow pass each other for bragging rights.

Let the Chicago area showdown rendition resume.



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