2010 NBA Preview: Can Kevin Durant Lead the Oklahoma City Thunder To a Title?

Pedro GonzalezContributor ISeptember 18, 2010

Is KD capable of leading OkC to an NBA Title?
Is KD capable of leading OkC to an NBA Title?Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

Everybody was shocked this FIBA World Championship, that Kevin Durant, at such a young age (21) dominated the tournament.

People no longer debated over who was the best LeBron James or Kobe Bryant without adding KD to the discussion.

While I think Durant is not on James and Kobe’s level, I’m sure he’ll get there soon.

Durant can make any shot, whether it’s from the post or from downtown, he has the speed and stamina to run from each side of the court without having to catch his breath and his defense is terrific.

Kevin Durant who was drafted by the Seattle Supersonics - whom later relocated and are now the Oklahoma City Thunder - as the 2nd overall pick behind Center Greg Oden in 2007, was chosen to be the cornerstone of the franchise.

That year Durant won the rookie of the year and the franchise started a rebuilding process that started to blossom last year, when the Thunder won a playoff spot.

Undoubtedly Durant is their leader, but with Point Guard Russell Westbrook and Forward Jeff Green he has some good young players he can rely on.

Oklahoma has the talent to beat most of the Western Conference teams, still the L.A. Lakers are their biggest trouble .

Westbrook is much better than Derek Fisher, Durant could be in a shootout with Kobe and there’s a chance KD would win the match-up, Jeff Green can handle Lamar Odom or Andrew Bynum and some role players would take care of the other forward position, but who would get Pau Gasol?

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